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Niall Magennis



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It took a while, but the Beeb has finally gotten around to launching its own news app on Android. Thankfully it’s been worth the wait. The design is similar to news readers like Pulse in that news stories are presented as photo tiles that are grouped under headings such as Top Stories, World, UK and Sport.

BBC News

You scroll up and down the page to move between the categories and spin left to right to reveal more stories within those categories. It’s a very user friendly approach and looks super slick too. As well as viewing text and pictures we like the way you can also watch videos within stories. The only downside is that the app doesn’t give you access to the same breath of content that’s available on the BBC news site.


The Beeb has done a great job on this app, as it looks slick but also provides a very intuitive way to browse around news subjects.

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