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October 20, 2013, 3:05 am

Eh, I was hoping they would've added more stuff to the combat system. Gonna' get tired of playing it for the third time.


October 29, 2013, 3:57 pm

Riddled with bugs and save corruption issues

British Knight

October 31, 2013, 4:23 pm

The levelling up system is appalling. The game may as well choose your upgrades for you.


November 7, 2013, 6:32 pm

this game is pretty gud! the boss battles are better than in the last 2 games!


November 8, 2013, 7:45 am

I love the game personally, when I finished arkham city all I wanted to do was play it again but with a different story and that's what this game delivered

Joe Gilligan

November 19, 2013, 12:48 am

Arkham origins is great in fact it is better than great but the last 2 was amazing wich makes this 1 seem to be not as good, but the fact of the matter is that its a brilliant game , just the story lacks that exitement , The rewind and fast forward of a crime scene is cool yet this review said WB didnt try anything new, Batman Arkham origins is slightly better than this review makes it out to be


November 22, 2013, 11:33 am


The story was not good (and therefore, the game was lacking). I had numerous problems with it:

In AA, The Joker was the main villain - that's fine. In AC, Hugo
Strange and Ra's Al Ghul were the main villains... or so we thought,
because the game ended with The Joker. Then came AO (this game) and we
were lead to believe that Black Mask was the main villain... but then
again, The Joker stole the show. I mean, I LOVE him, but must he ALWAYS
be the main villain?!

2. AA happens during one night - fair
enough. AC also happens during one night... hmmm... So, it should have
been different for AO, right? No, it also copies the first two games, by
having a complete (and complicated) story set in only one night.
we are supposed to believe that Batman met Gordon, Barbara, The Joker,
Penguin, Black Mask, 8 assassins, The Mad Hatter and many more
characters FOR THE FIRST TIME, in only ONE NIGHT!? Come on, that is

3. Batman fights against Bane, and electrocutes him,
seemingly killing him. Gordon says to Batman something like: ''You
killed a man! You suck!'' even if Gordon literally killed 2 of the Joker
goons 2 minutes before!

4. The game promised us an exciting
story about Black Mask and 8 Assasins, and in the end, it practically
FORGOT about that ploint and became a Joker story once again. In the
end, Black Mask wasn't the real Black Mask, and as for the 8 Assassins:
- Killer Crock came and went into the first 5 minutes of the game
- Shiva is only a side mission, not tied to the main plot
- Deadshot is only a side mission, not tied to the main plot
- Electrocutioner is beaten with one hit by Batman, and is later killed in a cutscene

- Deathstroke's bio says he's maybe the most dangerous enemy Batman
will EVER face... and is beaten in one battle, and put to prison.
- Copperhead (same as Deathstroke)
- Firefly and Bane are the only ones not to disappoint, with Bane being the ONLY Assasin directly tied to the main plot.

Speaking of Assassins, how did Black Mask (or The Joker) put a bounty
on Batman for 50.000.000 if no one is sure if Batman evene EXISTS?!
Batman is still a myth, a legend, and neither the good guys, nor the bad
guys are sure if he exists.

6. About Bane... he was present in
AO and AC, not knowing Bruce Wayne was Batman. In AO, he learns that
secret (HOW?!) but that plot point is dealt with in the end... how?
Simple - amnesia. :-( Wow, that is ''imaginative'' (sarcasm). I mean,
why introduce that plot point, if you're going to delete it afterwards?
another thing - why repeat it? In AC, whe had Hugo Strange discovering
Batman's identity - it was scary and shocking... and they repeat it in
this one! Why? Was it shocking like in AC? No. Was it original? No. Then

7. The story with the Joker should have ended with him
recapping his story to Harley, proffessing his admiration for Batman,
and looking at the camera. It was a great ending to his appearance in
AO... but then, a few minutes later, we hear via radio that he escaped
the prison... already?! And suddenly, he is leading a prison revolt.
Wouldn't it be better if Bane was leading it? In fact, why is Bane still
working for Joker, when he tried to kill him with a bazooka, a few
scenes earlier?

8. Speaking of Joker vs bazooka, why did Batman
save him from the fall? Batman wasn't responsible for Bane shooting at
Joker, so why did Batman save him from the fall? I mean, many henchmen
have died during that encounter, but Batman only desired to save Joker.
If Batman threw Joker - then it would have been logical for him to save
him, but he didn't, so it made NO SENSE.

9. And another thing
about Harley... she sees The Joker, hears him speak, and he gets and
instant crush on him. Why rushing things? In AA, we were listening to
many tapes of Harley interviewing Joker, over a period of time. But in
AO, set 5 years before AA, we get a one-day bond with them.

10. And how, oh how, is Gordon looking that young, only 5 years before AC?
He looks like a young man in AO, but in AC, he is completely gray, looking like an old man.

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