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Back to School - Best tablets for students

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iPad mini

Originally reviewed by 20 December 2012

Best tablet for battery life: Apple iPad Mini

If you don’t fancy the 9.7-inch iPad , the iPad Mini is smaller yet still gives you best of Apple’s ecosystem. Hosting a 7.9-inch 1,025 x 768 IPS resolution display, it’s not Retina display quality but the clarity levels should be perfectly fine for reading iBook textbooks or browsing through notes. Like its bigger brother, you get access to iWork to use Pages, Keynote and Numbers and iCloud support means you can access content across multiple iOS devices. It lives up to its quoted 10-hour battery life making sure you can make it through the day. At £269, it's more expensive than the best 7-inch Android tablets but the wealth of content and typically stunning looks still make it a tablet worth considering.

If you want the iPad mini with a better screen you could wait until the iPad mini 2 is released in September.

Price: £269

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