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B&O BeoVision 11-40 - Pictures, Sound and Conclusions

John Archer

By John Archer



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B&O BeoVision 11-40


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B&O BeoVision 11-40 - 3D

The corner clouding is, though, more of an issue with 3D. The panel has to work harder with active 3D than 2D, resulting in the corner light ‘leakage’ looking a bit more obvious during dark 3D scenes. The BeoVision 11-40’s handling of motion in 3D isn’t up to the rest of the TV’s performance, either; fast-moving objects can look a bit flaky and stuttery without using the set’s motion processing, but if you activate this processing pictures look rather unnatural, and really fast-moving elements can seem to flicker in and out of the picture a touch.

B&O BeoVision 11-40

Despite these problems, though, we still feel favourably towards the BeoVision 11-40’s 3D pictures overall. The main reason for this is that the sense of depth and space they create is excellent, partly thanks to the image’s outstanding contrast performance (which helps the screen delineate key depth ‘markers’), partly due to the impressive amount of detailing (except for where the motion flaws get in the way), and partly due to the image’s general freedom from the crosstalk ghosting noise so common with active 3D TVs.

B&O BeoVision 11-40 - Audio

You probably won’t be surprised following our description of the BeoVision 11-40’s speaker setup to hear that it sounds unbelievably good by flat TV standards. The clarity and dynamic range of the soundstage is unprecedented, in fact, as gorgeously well-rounded and rich trebles sit side by side with deep, clean and perfectly balanced bass. Even better, though, is the terrifically open nature of the mid-range, which completely avoids the muddy, flat sensation of your average flat TV mid-range, making it a distortion-free friend to action movies and quiet TV shows alike.

Every now and then we had the sensation that voices didn’t feel totally locked to the onscreen action, but aside from that the BeoVision 11-40 is surely as state of the art as any integrated TV sound system is likely to get.

B&O BeoVision 11-40

While fans of design, sound quality and picture quality will find the BeoVision 11-40 harder to resist than their bank managers might feel comfortable with, though, there are a couple of user groups for whom the 11-40 is currently a flawed option.

Gamers, for instance, may find their performance skills dinted by the TV’s slightly high input lag figure of more than 60ms (in a TV world where we like to find 35ms or less). The other area where the B&O loses out is with its online platform, which is pretty lacking in video content services at the moment compared with rival systems.

The only important options are the BBC iPlayer, Euronews, iConcerts, and YouTube, with the likes of Netflix, Acetrax, LoveFilm, Blinkbox and all the other UK catch-up video services nowhere to be seen.


There's no denying £5,000 is a ridiculous amount to spend on a TV. But that doesn't change the fact that this is an outstanding TV, one that delivers both top-notch picture quality, and sound quality that can't be match by any other set. If you can't afford it, move on. If you can, it deserves serious consideration.

Overall Score


Scores In Detail

  • 2D Quality 9
  • 3D Quality 8
  • Design 10
  • Features 8
  • Sound Quality 10
  • Value 5

Gavin Martin

May 4, 2013, 12:56 pm

Wow. Personal taste of course, but that is one ugly TV. Think I'd prefer a (50"+) micro-bezelled Samsung or a Panasonic VT65 plasma, with separate sound system, and spend the change on a stack of Blu Rays. That speaker panel bolted on to the bottom...yuck.


May 6, 2013, 3:14 pm

I agree, that is terrible looking. As you say, the setup you could get with those funds.....


September 20, 2013, 2:52 pm

Just back from a B&O dealer in Canary Wharf, Llndon and have experienced the full range of B&O TV Weaponry. Quite simply this is a very impressive TV. In fact it'sthe most impressive TV I've seen in a while and that's after looking at the latest Sonys and Samsungs etc. in John Lewis yesterday. The natural colours, the picture depth and the overall reality of the picture is leagues ahead of the over-processed and forced contrast efforts of the best Sony /Samsung sets I saw yesterday.
And then we come to the sound. I've been a hifi buff for 25 years, have heard all sorts of systems and have worked in the hifi industry. This is without doubt the best sounding TV I've ever heard, managing, uniquely, to sound powerful and naturally balanced without being overbearing. In small to medium rooms this is all you will need. I haven't heard B&O equipment for years but it's pretty obvious listening to their TVs and HiFi they're on to something with their integrated Class D amps - smooth, rich, poweful, uncoloured but never dull seems to be the house sound. The Sonos competitor - the Beolit 12 - sounded terrific too - makes the Sonos jobs sound boomy and coloured in comparison with the added bonus of being a future design classic.
It should be obvious by now I was impressed. I'm seriously considering selling my Sony flatscreen (2yrs old) and some Hifi kit to fund the purchase. Don't be put off by commentators knocking it's appearance. Yes, it's not frameless and has a very visible speaker panel and therefore not "on trend". Instead it absolutely screams quality and Scandinavian design, unashamedly sculptural, paticularly on the easel or pillar stand. A typical B&O design.
Oh - I also saw the V1-40 - again the sound is hugely impressive but the picture quality isn't quite as good when you have the two side by side. The industrial design looked very cool though.


March 31, 2014, 7:48 pm

You need glasses.
The speaker is an integral part of the full glass front panel and anodized aluminum frame. The swept back design of the aluminum reflects the dominant colors of the wall behind. You may select the matte black anodized aluminum frame as well. There are six grill colors to choose from.
The set includes a full Dolby Digital/DTS processor and, since B&O's speakers are all robustly self-amplified (each DRIVER has its own amp, so electronic rather than passive crossovers may be used), all you need for surround sound is to plug the fully balanced and shielded line level cables into the proper speaker connection. There are ten of these and you may select from many speaker groups such as 7.1 plus Second Room.
Or not-this set includes one of the world'sfirst WiSA transmitters so surround sound can be achieved by merely plugging four to seven powered WiSA Speakers into wall sockets and mating them to the integrated transmitter.
Add it up:
2 3-way powered speakers and six amps with four electronic crossovers built in.
Ten Speaker connections and Wireless connections for ten more.
Surround sound decoding with selectable speaker groups for the above.
Included 3 year warranty.
The option for motorized floor or wall mounts.

Hardly just a speaker bolted to the bottom.


December 23, 2014, 3:58 am

as to looks, i don't think it is meant to be put in a semi with a Debenham's sofa....

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