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September 13, 2013, 11:08 am

I keep looking at Fritzbox stuff, and I love all the DECT and VoIP functionality they include. They seem to be the only router manufacturers who actually do anything different than the standard wifi-plus-four-ethernet-ports number that everybody has been churning out since the Ark. With a Fritzbox I could ditch my VoIP adapter and the DECT base station - result.
BUT - as you point out - they shoot themselves in the foot, at least for cable subscribers. I gather that it is possible to repurpose one of the four ethernet ports to be a WAN port and plug that into the cable modem, but then four LAN ports is already a bare minimum. And they do produce a dedicated cable product, complete with integrated DOCSIS 3 cable modem - but Virgin won't allow you to connect other than their own cable modem to their cable.

All they need to do is to include a WAN ethernet port to allow the modem end to be decoupled from the router. Then I'd look at them seriously.

Gordon Kelly

September 14, 2013, 4:21 pm

You're spot on. It seems a strange oversight and there are some odd default settings too (unified SSID, Gigabit Ethernet disabled). But it is an extremely consistent router - just look at how even the transfer rates are on the graphs - and bags of functionality for more advanced users.

Let's see what they have planned for their debut ac product. I understand it isn't far away ;)

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