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Audyssey South of Market


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These issues aside there are a number of thoughtful elements Audyssey has implemented in the South of Market that should be highlighted. The first is the remote control, which complements the standard playback controls with the ability to answer VoIP calls and mute an attached microphone.

The second is a dedicated app. Audyssey follows the lead of an increasing number of dock makers in offering a free iOS app, but allows greater customisation. The app enables management of dynamic volume controls (whether to automatically even out volume levels or not), adjustment of bass, treble and tilt (more lows or highs) and the creation of custom EQs. The beauty of these options is whatever your preferred sound signature, the app provides the tools to create it.


All of which brings us to cost. At £299.95 Audyssey has priced the South of Market well. It does mean Monitor Audio's £250 i-deck 200 remains the dock of choice for the audiophile on a budget (it still has a fractional edge on audio performance), but it lacks this dock's flexibility and practicality.

A bigger question would be to compare it with the £299 Logitech UE Air, which does include AirPlay. But we would give Audyssey the nod, despite the absence of AirPlay, as audio performance is superior and there is greater functionality on offer. Harder to answer is whether an additional £50 isn't better spent on the Arcam rCube, a sonic match, equally flexible and battery powered. Regardless, Audyssey's South of Market is superb.

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It may have a crazy name, but the Audyssey South of Market dock is a wonderful combination of innovative design, practical flexibility and sonic prowess. It is one of the few docks to offer a genuine sense of stereo separation and its ability to replace both your old dock and your PC speakers makes the £299 asking price alluring. The absence of AirPlay and aptX for Bluetooth hamper its wireless credentials and we'd love to see a version with an integrated battery, but at its price point this is our new favourite dock.

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  • Design 9
  • Features 9
  • Sound Quality 9
  • Usability 9
  • Value 9


August 7, 2012, 7:52 pm

I was very satisfied with mine, but quality control doesn't seem to be Audyssey's strenght.
My first one started to turn on/off on its own, my replacement completely died last weekend after 6 months. I sent it back now and Amazon will refund my money.

The sound was great, without doubt. Bass response was impressive regarding the size, a real window-shaker. But there were issues with Bluetooth as well, making the Music flutter when connection became bad or when changing tracks etc.

A pity Audyssey didn't go for the same acoustic design with the Audio Dock Air. I haven't heard it yet, but i suppose the South Of Market Dock sounds better.

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