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Audio Pro LV2e Wireless Speakers review

Gordon Kelly




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Our Score:



  • Superb, size-defying audio performance
  • Simple setup
  • Clever zonal music streaming system
  • Wire-free speaker connections
  • Platform neutral


  • Bass response can fade at full volume
  • Premium pricing

Key Features

  • Wireless, Lossless 100W speakers
  • Integrated Burr-Brown DACs
  • 'House Codes' zonal streaming system
  • Multi-volume control remote
  • USB Transmitter with integrated sample rate converter
  • Black, Red or White leather finish
  • Manufacturer: Audio Pro
  • Review Price: £700.00

Audio Pro has a problem with wires. The 34 year old Swedish audio specialist has developed a laser-like focus on wireless products in recent years and its latest speaker system takes this to new extremes.

The catchily named 'LV2e' is a wireless, lossless, speaker system aimed at space saving audiophiles with a hatred of clutter. The concept is simple: the LV2e system uses a dedicated, protected wireless protocol which is built into each speaker and allows transmission in full CD quality. The speakers automatically pair with a driverless USB dongle which can turn any computer, TV, HiFi or dock into the audio source. Easy.


To enable complete independence each speaker has its own power cable and - since they take their stereo source from the dongle - have no need to be physically connected. This means you can position each speaker anywhere in a room. As for the dongle its USB connection can be plugged into a PC or USB AC adaptor and it has a 3.5mm jack for connecting virtually any device. Streaming is almost instantaneous (just a 20ms delay) and since it uses WiFi it has a range which should cover most households.

Where things get a smart added twist is Audio Pro's dongle which can transmit in three different network frequencies, which it calls 'house codes'. These can be adjusted on the dongles by simply sliding a switch between positions 1, 2 and 3. What this opens up is the ability to have multiple LV2e speakers around a home. If this sounds familiar it is because Audio Pro sells a similar dongle-only system, comprising the WF100 Wireless Transmitter and RX100 receiver, which is used to add wireless functionality between any source and speaker system. Think Sonos on a budget.


We loved these dongles giving them a TrustedReviews Recommended Award last year so how does the dedicated LV2e system stack up? Out of the box first impressions are promising. The speakers themselves (available in black, white and red) are beautifully made with a premium leather finish and simple controls on the rear to switch house code and zone. Behind the front grill of each speaker in the top left corner is a small LED display which indicates volume level, house code number and zone letter.

Audio Pro is determined to make the LV2e as convenient as possible and at just 210 x 145 x 180mm the speakers are very compact, but they do weigh a hefty 2.9Kg each. The reason for this is Audio Pro has crammed them full of gadgetry designed to belie their small size. Inside each speaker are twin discrete 25W Class D amplifiers driving a 25mm soft dome tweeter and 115mm aluminium woofer. There are also DSP filters and crossovers to optimise audio quality and Burr-Brown DACs which take the audio files at source and process them directly.

On paper therefore the LV2e would seem to have all the ingredients to be a top class system and in practice it does…


June 12, 2012, 12:02 am

You say "The LV2e costs £700 which is by far the black mark against the system as a whole... Against this is Audio Pro's own aforementioned WF100 Wireless Transmitter and RX100 receiver bundle, the latter of which has the same integrated Burr Brown DAC, costs just £150 and brings identical functionality to any speaker system. Armed with this the remaining £550 could buy speakers of arguably even better quality and to the exact size and specification you desire."

Not really...you still need a power amplifier, which could eat £150-200 out of the £550 savings you indicate.


February 3, 2013, 10:00 am

Well, I have been researching wireless speakers as I'm looking to buy some, hence reading this. And I have listened to a bunch of them. I view proclamations of 'top class system' and 'superb audio performance' with skepticism. The Audio Pro are 'superb' - REALLY??? Not IMHO!

I have heard these and while not awful, they are far from 'superb'. The bass is limited and loose, the upper end hardens up on female vocals, particularly when you turn the volume up and they fail to excite - not bad, just not great if audio quality is what you care about. The Dynaudio Xeo are much better; and yes - they cost more. There is also the Moos Mini Aero which look like they could be sensational, possibly better than the Xeo. Again, costs more, but then the really good stuff usually does.

My point here is that 'superb' should only be reserved for worthy products. Based on what I heard, the Audio Pro are worthy of 'decent' but definitely not 'superb'. If you want superb you need to look elsewhere.

Pawl Driveklepp

May 26, 2013, 6:33 pm

Simple, sleek, delicate, lossless, ultra-low latency, wireless, integrated amp. The sound is not 100% perfect, but it's very very very impressive considering the size. It seems to lack some low mid-range. The sender is very small compared to it's competitors, and doesn't weigh much. Works instantly with Linux, Windows and OSX.

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