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ASUS G750JX: Keyboard, Touchpad and Verdict

By Alan Martin



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Asus G750JX


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Asus G750JX - Keyboard & Touchpad

The keyboard on the G750JX is a joy to use. Not only is it a good size, and well-spaced thanks to the overall size of the laptop, but the keys offer just the right amount of resistance and don’t make too much noise when typed upon. Every key feels like it has enough breathing room, even the arrow keys which are often squeezed in between the letters and numberpad: not so here, where left, right and down get an entire row entirely to themselves.

The touchpad also makes the best possible use of all the space the G750JX offers, with a large area, and a smooth surface with, again, just the right amount of resistance. We had no trouble consistently pulling off gestures.

It also has two good size buttons for left and right clicking, ensuring there’s no debate over where the left click begins and ends. These feel of a similar quality to the Lenovo models we’ve seen, which is no bad thing at all. No complaints here.

Anything else to consider?

There are three additional things worth highlighting on the G750JX, all of them good.

The first is the sound, which is excellent for a laptop. The speakers are located on the base of the laptop, near the touchpad and provides distinct audio channels which are far less tinny than we’ve come to expect from smaller, lighter machines. The bass levels are decent too, which makes music and video viewing a joy.

The second is that it comes with a Blu-ray drive (and an optional Blu Ray writer version, but that feels like overkill to us). You can downgrade to a DVD drive if you don’t think you’ll use it, but if you do then you’ll certainly find films immersive with the large screen and excellent sound quality.

The final highlight is that Asus offers 32GB cloud storage with laptops with its Republic of Gamers branding free of charge for three years. If you make good use of Dropbox already this may be a feature you never use, but as freebies go, it’s not to be sneezed at.

Should I buy the ASUS G750JX?

At £1,300, the Asus G750JX model we looked at doesn’t exactly come cheap, but then experienced PC gamers will know that gaming performance - especially the portable variety - never has. It offers really impressive gaming performance, and gets most of the basics right, including excellent sound, and strong keyboard and touchpad input. It only really stumbles on a screen that’s okay rather than outstanding, and a heavy, bulky form factor. Asus allows some upgrades and downgrades to get the performance you’d like - you may find the Blu-ray drive overkill, or want the extra zip an SSD hybrid can provide.

In terms of other machines in this space, Alienware is the brand to look for. We’ll be reviewing the Alienware 14 model shortly, so keep an eye out for that on TrustedReviews very soon. For now, though, if you can cope with the design and weight, and want a gaming laptop this gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from us.


Incredibly good games performance and excellent input makes this a great performer for the gamer looking for something occasionally portable, but its 4.8kg bulk means you’ll want to ensure that’s occasional.

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Overall Score


Scores In Detail

  • Battery Life 7
  • Build Quality 9
  • Design 7
  • Heat & Noise 9
  • Keyboard 9
  • Performance 9
  • Screen Quality 7
  • Touchpad 9
  • Value 8


October 25, 2013, 10:37 am

Interesting piece.

I've just bought a PCSpecialist laptop which was about £250 more and came with a 240GB SSD, 1TB data drive, 4GB ATI 8970 and 3 year on site warranty.

It shows you how good a value they are, but the downside is the Clevo chassis isn't anywhere near as resolved as the Asus one we see here.

Nicholas Heitz

November 29, 2013, 4:21 pm

Hello...I have also been considering PCSpecialist for a new gaming/performance laptop, particularly the much higher end specs achievable that way for a similar price (as you've mentioned). Can you explain in more detail what you mean by "the Clevo chassis isn't anywhere near as resolved"? Also, previous Asus gaming laptops were marvellous at self cooling....what is the cooling/noise like with your pcspecialist one?


December 2, 2013, 11:26 am

Hi Nicholas Heitz - I'm more than happy to answer your questions :)

I've just had mine back from an RMA and it's about to go back again sadly. I'll answer your initial questions first and then explain the woes I've had.

First the Clevo chassis - yes, it has aluminium panels but it's wrapped around a plastic chassis. It seems to have been included to simply check the box for a "premium laptop" - ie, it must have metal touch points.

The aluminium is textured/grained and is a finger print magnet like no other finish I've encountered - it's tricky to clean as well, due the grain nature. They also use this finish on the trackpad - this causes a problem where the grain actually leads your finger some times, it's not a frictionless experience at all.

I also think it's cheaply constructed, it doesn't feel that sturdy and it has no ergonomics to speak of!!

With regard to the cooling - since it has come back from the first RMA with a BIOS update it has been significantly quieter and better in general, which is awesome. It's wasn't too loud before, you could hear it over a movie though (even if you were watching it on a TV over HDMI), now you can't - this is good.

Now I'll mention the issues I've had - the wrong image was installed when I received it so it has clashing drivers. I had to format it to solve that, then I updated to Windows 8.1 and that failed to work due to a Clevo driver so I had to format again. Then I noticed there were tonnes of partitions on my SSD which I couldn't delete so I formatted again.

I then Windows 8 equivalents of BSOD's on every Cold Start so it went back for an RMA - they found the BIOS update solved all the BSOD issues but it came back with the keyboard backlight not working once it had booted in to Windows. This was a result of the BIOS update and the keyboard backlight software not liking it - I was told to uninstall then reisntall it - it crashed during the reinstall. They've told me to reformat and I've flat out refused to (as it takes a good couple of hours each time) - they are going to do it for me.

I actually want a refund but none is forthcoming - if it was me, and you don't need an optical drive, I'd go for an MSI GS70 Stealth.

I apologise is that's rambling, I haven't re-read it as I'm tight on time, but I hope it helps :)


December 3, 2013, 4:42 pm

Ed's - do you happen to know which model variant comes with the SSD drive?

Bot Smegberg

February 21, 2014, 6:19 am

I've had my Asus G750 JX for 2 weeks now and it is amazing, i got one of the top specs as it has x2 120gb SSD and x2 500Gb HDD also it has a blueray writer & 16Gb memory and of course the GTX770 i think i got it for a great price, i paid $2172 Australian Dollars. it was in the shop for $3000 and had the price dropped, it also came with assassins creed black-flag a head set and a bag which doesn't it fit, i tried getting a free mouse as well but i think i was asking a bit too much :) ill be buying a Razer Naga Molten today when i finish work, as i gave my last 1 away when i left the UK for Australia back in october. Now im going back the UK i think with the exchange rate being currently terrible for converting my Dollars to pounds i got my self a bargain, i have currently played, Titanfall Beta, Dayz Alpha, Diablo 3, Company of Heroes 2, Civ 5 and a few other low requirements games like Dota 2 and hearthstone. the setting have all been on high or ultra the laptop handles this with ease, it is almost silent when gaming i have not noticed it, also watching movies you never hear the fans. the thing that impresses me most is the boot time, from off to desktop an loading my programs it is about 8 seconds, it is amazing. it is like the switch from Dial up 56k to broad band i recommend booting from a SSD to everyone. The laptop it self is solidly built and a bit heavy but you can still pick it up with one hand, the keyboard is great the back-light on it is perfect, the track pad is pretty massive even though i always use a mouse, if i had to give this laptop any bad points the only one i can think of is possibly the screen, the colors looked a bit dim to me, but my last pc i had a Asus 125Hz 3D monitor so i imagine anything is going to look not as vibrant as this. i would never buy a laptop to game on usually, but i was forced to as i didnt want to buy a desktop then have to transport it back to the UK when i go home. I can never justify the price of a gaming laptop compared to what i would get from a PC for the same price, but considering i got this for a decent price and my situation it doesn't bother me. it is also great being able to play in bed or on the couch or take my computer with me where ever i go. if you are wanting a high performance laptop which eats up games no problem this is the one, i am so happy with my purchase this laptop is recommended 10/10 especially as the prices will start to come down over the next few months. its still good for all the games i mentioned above, some being next gen games also :)


March 18, 2017, 3:15 pm

Had this unit in commission for 3 years 3 months so far. Still purrs and is still gorgeous. Won't ever regret it.. sad the new models have changed colour.. Black has always been my favourite, especially as a screen bezel. Makes the screen almost look like it's floating with its black boarder.. minimal distractions.

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