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Asus EeeTop ET2203T – All In One PC review

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Asus EeeTop ET2203T – All In One PC
  • Asus EeeTop ET2203T – All In One PC
  • Asus EeeTop ET2203T – All In One PC
  • Asus EeeTop ET2203T – All In One PC
  • Asus EeeTop ET2203T – All In One PC
  • Asus EeeTop ET2203T – All In One PC
  • Asus EeeTop ET2203T – All In One PC
  • Asus EeeTop ET2203T – All In One PC
  • Asus EeeTop ET2203T – All In One PC
  • Asus EeeTop ET2203T – All In One PC
  • Asus EeeTop ET2203T – All In One PC
  • Asus EeeTop ET2203T – All In One PC
  • EeeTop B0347 Desktop Computer - All-in-One (Gigabit Ethernet - 55 cm 21.6" Active Matrix TFT Colour LCD - Touchscreen: Yes 256 MB - HDMI: Yes)


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After the resounding success of its Eee PC netbook range, the latest of which is represented by the sleek Seashell models, Asus extended the Eee name across a range of products. While the company has netbooks down to a fine art at this stage though, its first attempt at an Eee All In One (AIO) desktop PC – the imaginatively-named Eee Top All In One PC - left us impressed compared to rivals at the time but still wanting more. Well, Asus has delivered big-time with its new EeeTop ET2203T, including highlights such as a far more attractive black-on-silver design, Full HD touch screen and Blu-ray drive.

In fact its relatively high-end specifications puts the ET2203T into a whole different league to the Atom-based original Eee Top, and up against the likes of HP’s TouchSmart range. Obviously it needs the looks to match, and while it’s no iMac, this AIO does look classy. The main screen is a ‘frameless’ affair, with the display area transitioning seamlessly into its smart piano-black bezel. Unfortunately this does mean the screen features a very reflective layer, but it’s surprisingly finger-print and smudge resistant so you won’t need the included cleaning cloth too often.

At the machine’s top you get a discreetly-framed one-megapixel webcam, while the bottom left of the black bezel houses visually pleasing white-backlit touch controls. There’s volume and OSD, as well as a handy ‘home’ button that takes you to the Windows desktop plus indicators for HDD activity and wireless. The OSD is intuitive if a tad bland. Unusually for an AIO PC, you get full control over everything affecting the screen, from brightness and contrast to colour temperature and input selection.

Below the black bezel is a plastic silver speaker grille section, with a chromed strip pleasantly accenting the blue-backlit power button. The whole lot rests on the same transparent plastic outer bezel that adorned the original Eee Top, though unlike the original this model's has a grey tint to it. The back of the machine, meanwhile, is unrelieved glossy black plastic, while the tilt-adjustable slide-out stand is constructed using brushed metal. Overall, build quality is excellent with not a hint of flex or creak anywhere to be found, which is a fairly impressive achievement.


December 17, 2009, 6:30 am

Seems the price is increasing?? No bluetooth shame but seems a bit more fun for a desktop replacement

Multi touch. so which compatible machines have it anyway? If anyone finds a good price over the holidays please share.



December 17, 2009, 1:50 pm

I wonder if touch screen desktops are the way more firms will go. I am interested because of the distance I sit from my screen, & wonder how close most people sit & therefore how usefull it might be.

I can stretch my arms out straight in front of me now, & my fingertips are still about 4 inches short of touching the screen. To use touchscreen would change the whole way I sit & use a computer. I might also need a different pair of glasses!


December 17, 2009, 3:37 pm

They are the way to go. Look up the HP touchsmart 600. HP envisages them as counter top computers. E.g. have one in the kitchen to access the internet for recipes which can then be saved an read aloud to you through touch screen interface, of which HP are leaders in when it comes to desktops. Please review the Touchsmart 600 TR.


December 17, 2009, 4:14 pm

darkspark: So I assume these kitchen computers will be splashproof, greaseproof and steamproof? To be honest, it's not that hard for me to simply look up a recipe on the laptop; to have a permanent computer in the kitchen for that purpose seems a bit of a luxury - fine for those who want and can afford it, but it doesn't mean it's the future of desktop computing


December 17, 2009, 6:34 pm

I must admit that I can see myself using something like this. It's nice and clutterfree, without it being too small or unergonomical. Touchscreen seems to me like a superfluous extra at the moment, but that might change in the coming years, you never know.

A couple of years back I wouldn't have expected touchsreens to be important for cell phones either........


December 17, 2009, 7:35 pm

I agree with Treris. On any machine where you can't position the screen flat/horizontally, touch is little more than a nice extra - except perhaps in darkspark88's kitchen scenario, but as MrGodfrey says that's rather a luxury.


December 17, 2009, 9:32 pm

So you've spent £700 quid on a not very powerful PC....what happens if the hard disk crashes or you want to upgrade it? Er, fiddling around this baby's insides is going to be fun.


December 17, 2009, 11:21 pm

@JDunn - To be fair, Laptops have the same problem and plenty of people buy them. Not to mention iMacs (and other all-in-ones) too.

I think the people who buy one of these won't be thinking of upgrading, and hopefully the warranty is good enough, that if a hard disk crashes, you can just return it to get repaired.


December 21, 2009, 7:43 pm

Id rather pay the extra and get an iMac although i with Apple would include Blu-ray on them


February 23, 2010, 5:41 pm


I completely agree and would personally never get an all-in-one for this reason. Plenty of people prefer the looks and ease of use an AIO brings though.


Good point, but at least laptops have a practical reason for being like that. Beyond the two I mentioned above, AIOs on the other hand just don't justify it - for me.

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