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Andrew Williams



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Casting judgement on the Archos 70B is tricky. Retailing for just over £100, it's a device that provides a lot as long as you learn to manage your expectations. After all, it is a fifth the price of more premium tablets. However, we suspect that most people will still end up rather disappointed with what the 70B can achieve and would be better off either buying a 'proper' ereader, such as the Sony PRS 350, or saving their money and picking up a more capable tablet like the iPad.

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June 3, 2013, 11:34 am

I was given an ARCHOS 70d eReader - 4GB – it was impressive to start with but after a month or so my computer could not connect to it, the USB port was very wonky. Eventually it could not be charged either so now it’s just a dead chunk of plastic. The worst part is Archos’ complete and utter denial of all responsibility – I have phoned, emailed and written to them and they will not, in any way, repair or replace it; once they have your money you are dead to them. Robbing bunch of gangsters and a sketchy product. Do not fall into this trap, do NOT buy any Archos products.

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