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AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition


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Photoshop Batch Processing

For this test we run all the auto-adjustments available in Photoshop on a large collection of images and time how long it takes to complete. It's an old test that isn't multi-threaded but it is incredibly reliable at demonstrating differences in single-threaded performance.

Things are back on track here with Phenom II improving significantly over Phenom and closing the gap between it and the competition from Intel.

WinRAR File Compression

Though zipping and unzipping files is a fairly quick and easy task, the frequency with which a heavy computer user has to do it means saving five seconds each time you unzip something is a real boon. We therefore feel it makes for an interesting test of system performance.

This test is split into two parts. The first times how long it takes to compress a large video file and the second records how long it takes to compress the folder of photos used in the above Photoshop test.

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