Alienware M17 17in Gaming Notebook Deals

Ardjuna Seghers

By Ardjuna Seghers



May 19, 2013, 3:00 pm

Well, I am going to state facts. Dec. 2011 I buy Alien M17. Out of box keyboard bent. Graphics glitchy and fan on high speed and hot. They send a tech. to repair. He leaves parts on my floor from computer,that I found after he left. Few months later fan on high speed all the time, smells hot, graphics glitchy again, processors loud as heck. Was told I would get a m18 and they send me replacement for just time I was down while myn was at depot. they sent replacement to temp. Sent my original one to depot. They sent back all scratched up, chipped, and the graphics was messed up. After 20 emails 5 phone conversations, and twitter conversations, they did not uphold agreement, satisfy repairs. Then 13 months later see it is outta warranty, you hit power button keyboard lights up then stats beeping and shuts off. They want 430 dollars to repair then tell me pay and other 430 for extended warranty. I have been kind, in email, phone conversations, explained exactly what I was doing at time of all problems. They don't after time respond to your emails, they tell you to "let us know when is good time for us to call you" So point is after all the bull, a lawyer is involved and the investigation continues. They have had plenty of time to satisfy, uphold, and fix problem. That let me tell you by the way parts that where put in are over a year old or more.

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