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AEG S73800KMX0



AEG S73800KMX0


Key Features

  • 359 litre capacity
  • Multi-flow technology
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: AEG
  • Review Price: £750.00

AEG S73800KMX0

The AEG S73800KMX0 is an incredibly sophisticated fridge with a veritable plethora of features and a massive capacity.

A large upright fridge, the AEG S73800KMX0 boasts a 359 litres of space with this enormous capacity meaning that it will more than fit the needs of a large household. There are five shelves in the fridge that provide masses of surface area to put food on. You then also get four door shelves, one of which is covered for dairy goods, a tilted wine rack, and two vegetable drawers which are really deep and should store lots of produce.

The fridge is fitted with multi-flow technology, which keeps the cooling consistent, making every shelf the same temperature. Handily, the lights in fridge are bright LEDs, which illuminate everything really well, and the shelves are transparent glass which helps too. At the top of the fridge, on the inside, is a touchscreen panel, which can set all manner of fancy options, including a quick cool option, which cools the fridge down to keep large amounts of new food fresher for longer.

The shelves are sturdy and spacious, and all of the door compartments have plenty of spaces for bottles and tall items. The fridge is fitted up with technology to purify the air that goes into it and remove any odours. The fridge has an audible alarm and a warning light in case of overheating, and the fridge automatically defrosts itself. All of this technology and yet this fridge still carries an A* energy efficiency rating.

The only complaints to be made of the AEG S73800KMC0 are that it is quite expensive, and can get a little noisy when the quick cooling is on. But besides these two very minor points, this fridge does a marvellous job and has so many useful features; it is more than worth the price.