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Key Features

  • 321 litre capacity
  • ProFresh features
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: AEG
  • Review Price: £523.00


At 185cm tall and 59.5cm wide with a steely finish, the AEG S73400CNSO is sleek, slim and shiny. With an internal capacity of 321 litres it is possible to get bigger fridge freezers, but the AEG S73400CNSO has some technology that still make it worth consideration.

For example, it is a ProFresh fridge freezer. This means it uses technology with separate cooling systems to make sure that that the fridge is at an ideal climate all the way through, which should keep fresh food preserved for as long as possible. It’ll also make sure that the freezer is ice-free. In fact, the AEG S73400CNSO has lots of technology to make sure that there are no huge build ups of ice or frost inside, which means that it will work to best capacity and you don’t have to spend ages defrosting it.

Even with all this technology, the AEG S73400CNSO doesn’t use much energy — it has an A* energy efficiency rating whilst the machine lets you take complete control over the temperature using the simple and easy-to-use electronic control panel.

Internally, the fridge has three glass shelves, three door shelves and two very deep salad crispers with room for plenty of vegetables. The AEG S73400CNSO has been designed to make sure that the internal space is used as well as it possible can be — although the wine rack does take up some of the space in the shelf below. The bottom door shelf is large enough for bottles of wine or big bottles of milk.

Although the freezer has three drawers it is deceptively small, as the top drawer tapers towards the back and the bottom drawer is only half size. This is the only real problem with the AEG S73400CNSO, however, and on the whole it’s a good and well-functioning machine.