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AEG DE4003020M



AEG DE4003020M


Key Features

  • 110 litre capacity
  • Fan assisted oven
  • AA energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: AEG
  • Review Price: £563.00

AEG DE4003020M

The AEG DE4003020M is a built-in double door electric oven with a massive capacity and superior energy efficiency.

The DE4003020M has much more space than most ovens of its kind, with over 110 litres of capacity between the two oven cavities, 43 litres in the top and 68 in the bottom. The two cavities can be used simultaneously at different temperatures, meaning dishes requiring different amounts of heat can be cooked at the same time, which is great for large meals. The oven is fan assisted, which provides an even heat across all levels very quickly, requiring no pre-heating time at all.

Both the top and bottom ovens have several programmable functions for different styles of cooking to match different types of food, and the top oven is also a variable grill. The settings are easy to control, with a three-button control panel and LED display, and can be programmed in advance with the oven automatically turning on and off at the set times you choose.

The AEG DE4003020M is stylishly designed with a stainless steel finish, dials that retract into the control panel and long steel door handles for a minimalist look. The viewing windows are easy to see through, and are made of a special glass that stays cool even when the oven is turned on. The oven itself has set an industry standard by becoming one of the first 'AA' rated ovens in energy efficiency, meaning it costs very little to run. It is also incredibly easy to clean, with diamond-glazed enamel interiors that can be wiped clean with just a little warm soapy water.

The only issues with this oven are minor - the control dials are smooth and so can sometimes be difficult to turn, especially if your hands are wet, also the wire shelves turn up at the ends, meaning trays must be lifted out rather than sliding out (this is a safety measure). Other than these two minor issues, this is a fantastic oven, which will save you time and money in your cooking.