AEG 65170



AEG 65170


Key Features

  • 7kg drum capacity
  • Delicates setting
  • Crease free setting
  • Manufacturer: AEG
  • Review Price: £265.00

AEG 65170

The AEG 65170 is a freestanding vented tumble dryer that is vented from all three sides. It has a 7kg drum size, which matches up to the majority of modern washing machines which are between a 6 and 7kg in size. Whilst it’s not the prettiest model in the world, it does the job well.

If you’re upgrading from an older tumble dryer, you might be impressed with some of the features on the AEG 65170. For example, rather than just being able to set it to “dry” you can choose from lots of different settings. The delicates setting is good for more fragile items that might otherwise get damaged, the sensitive setting is best when you have sensitive skin and for people who absolutely hate ironing there’s the crease free setting that will remove creases from clothes.

As a drier it’s very quiet — much quieter than the older, clunkier models. This means you can run it without worrying about it interfering with your everyday life. It also allows you to take full advantage of the start delay function — you can set it to start for after you go to sleep and it won’t wake you up.

As the AEG 65170 senses when your washing is dry, you don’t have to worry about constantly nipping back and forth to the drying and checking the contents. You can just let it run on whatever setting you like until the buzzer goes, and when you open the door you should have brilliantly dry clothes ready to be put away.

Whilst the AEG 65170 is a good machine, it is a little larger than many other models so do make sure you can fit it into your kitchen. You will also need to be prepared to clean the filter fairly regularly, and this can be a little difficult to do.