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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0

By Jamie Harrison


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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0


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Some of the tools haven't been improved and this is a disappointment. I sometimes use the heal and clone tools, but I prefer Photoshop's version of these. A word of warning here, too. If you try to synchronise corrections to images with the healing tool, it doesn't work too well unless all the marks are in the same place and against a plain background. So, if you have dust marks in areas of detail, it is better to deal with them individually.

The last of the major changes are in the Print module. First, the Picture Package section has been improved to provide the best paper usage, either using preset grids or automatically with user specified image dimensions. Secondly, there's also the option to print to JPEG by defining your print parameters and including ICC profiles, then save the image as a JPEG for sending to your choice of printing lab.

Finally that sharpening tool that I mentioned in the Export box is expanded somewhat in the Print dialogue, letting you define the sharpening depending on the media and output resolution being used. This is based on the Pixel Genius Sharpening plug-in for Photoshop and is an absolute godsend.


It takes about a day to get used to the fundamental changes in Lightroom, notably the PSD outputs to Photoshop and the search tools. After that, a few days playing with the new localised tools and you should be up to speed. So, in terms of features, it's not a major upgrade by any means but the new tools are fantastic and worth the upgrade price.

Lightroom was never meant to be a replacement for Photoshop, but it does enhance it and for photographers who don't do major image edits, it covers most, if not all of their needs. Version 1.0 was brilliant, and was seriously enhanced by v1.4, but v2.0 is the best yet so it well deserves our highest accolade.

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