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By Jamie Harrison



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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0


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On a similar note, the Export option has been given a slight makeover. If you want to export your images from Lightroom from Raw, DNG, PSD or JPEG to another format then the options are available in the Export box. Now included are better sizing and compression options as well as sharpening options for print and screen images. As sharpening is one of those misunderstood and mistreated processes this is particularly useful.

The Develop module is where the real makeover has occurred giving Lightroom the option to finally make localised changes to images, rather than global or tonal and colour specific changes. The primary tool, for me at least, is the new brush tool that allows you to selectively paint into areas to adjust contrast, exposure, saturation, brightness, clarity and colour. A new addition, which I don't remember on the Beta, is a ‘soften skin' option, which is terrific for reducing wrinkles under eyes or just giving skin a softer glow. Of course there's options to change the brush size, the opacity and flow and there's even a limited masking tool.

Also in the Develop module Adobe has shifted around some of the older tools. The vignette option is now in its own box, presumably because many people use it as a creative tool, rather than an optical correction device - me included.

Usefully the sharpening and noise reduction panel has received an improved preview box, with a location selector that allows you to find selected areas to preview, tied into the main image panel. It's a small improvement but a welcome one.

Dark of Day

August 14, 2008, 11:41 pm

I'm dying to try this, sounds like it includes all the improvements I was looking for :)


August 15, 2008, 2:32 pm

I had a copy of the previous version of Lightroom, and to be honest I found it was a bit of a "third wheel" on my machine. I just tended to copy my pictures into a folder and use the thumbnail view to sort through them.

The only use I had for Lr was for .RAW files that Vista dosn't read. All post processing etc was done in Photoshop. Having said that I'm not a professional photographer...

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