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Indeed, it's easy to forgive a lot of flaws when you look at the 4810T's battery life, which is nothing less than class-leading for a machine in its weight and price-range. Acer's eight-hour-plus claim is actually spot-on, as in MobileMark's non-intensive Reader test (with the screen at 40 per cent brightness and wireless turned off) the 4810T managed just over eight hours!

Even in the DVD test with the screen turned up to full brightness (which isn't necessary when watching a film) it gave four hours and 23 minutes, making this one of the few machines for under a grand that will let you watch the extended edition Lord of the Rings DVD with time to spare! What's more, the 4810T remains remarkably cool in use thanks to a heat dispersion system Acer refers to as "Laminar Wall Jet technology". Far-fetched as this may sound, it really does work, turning the 4810T into one of the coolest and quietest notebooks we've had through the labs.

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This combined with its amazing battery life does make the 4810T difficult to compare. In terms of design and weight, its closest competitor would probably be the Samsung X460, but though the Samsung's processor has a little more clout it's £100 more expensive and only offers just over half the battery life.

In terms of mobile usage, the only notebook we've reviewed recently which even comes close to comparable battery life is Panasonic's ToughBook CF-F8. Even it still falls short of the Timeline's usage figures, though, with 'only' seven hours in the same test in which the 4810T provided eight. Moreover, in reality it's a completely different class of machine thanks to its standard voltage processor, ruggedised design and astronomical price.

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To summarise then, the 4810T is good value on any level, but becomes an absolute bargain if battery life and portability are priorities. Acer definitely has a winner on its hands.


Cool, quiet, light, slim and understated, the Acer Timeline Aspire 4810T is one impressive machine. It's only possible downfall is its mediocre screen but this is more than made up for by its stunning battery life, feature set, and performance.

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