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Opening the 4810T up, you're greeted by a three-tone look. A matte black bezel for the screen will please the purists out there, many of whom frequent this office, with this transitioning to gunmetal grey around the keyboard and touchpad, which is divided from the matte black base by glossy black trim. Only the chrome power button stands out, but it's small enough not to draw attention to itself despite sporting a tiny white LED.

To the right of the power button is a subtly integrated strip housing two small speakers and elegant, well-spaced touch controls for wireless radios and Acer's own power saving mode, among others.

Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T keyboard

Below this is the 4810T's attractive isolation-style keyboard. Its flat keys are finished in a semi-glossy black, which doesn't pick up fingerprints or feel as slippery as a full-gloss keyboard (as found on the Toshiba Satellite range) yet manages to convey a bit of the shine and luxury of piano-black nonetheless.

Layout and feedback are both excellent, with keys displaying quite a lot of travel for this type of keyboard. They're quite close together, allowing for the key-area to be larger than on an actual isolation keyboard, while key response is firm and positive. There are also some intelligent shortcuts, such as the Home to End keys doubling as multimedia controls, with brightness and volume conveniently located on the cursor keys. A highlight here is a handy secondary function that simply turns the screen off - a great battery-saving feature we wish more laptops employed. Eagle-eyed UK readers may notice the US-style return key, but this should be rectified for models shipping to our fair shores.

Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T touchpad

In use, occasionally we did notice that palm movements would accidentally register on the touchpad while typing, but this is resolved by a dedicated button that disables both the pad and its buttons, a la HP's dv2-1030ea. A bright orange backlit icon, which stands out from the rest of the subdued laptop like a clothed person on a nudist beach, ensures you always know when the touchpad is turned off.

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