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About the TrustedReviews team

Evan Kypreos Editor

Evan Kypreos

Evan has always had a keen interest in gadgets, gaming and computing. He started with a ZX Spectrum, migrated to an Atari ST before being lured by the dark and dangerous world of PCs (there's an iMac in there somewhere too). He’s still builds his own PCs and still loves his old-school mouse and keyboard gaming, although he also has his fair share of consoles.

Graduating in 2000, Evan has since worked in a number of roles, primarily in the digital sphere, for publishing companies, a local authority and as a product lead and founder of web start-ups. He’s an agile advocate (after struggling for years with waterfall and deciding there must be a better way) and has more than 10 years of experience in UX and design, particularly on the web.

When he’s not helping his family with their IT problems (saying “have you turned it on and off again?” doesn’t take that long to be fair) Evan enjoys tinkering with computers and tech, watching films, reading, trying to save Greece from economic collapse and being a mentor for technology start-ups.

Andy Vandervell Deputy Editor

Andy Vandervell

Andy started his journalism career at Trusted Reviews in 2007. In his first stint he crafted some of the finest laptops reviews (among other things) known to man. He defected in 2010 to join consumer champions Which?, but two years later was lured back by his enduring love of the colour orange.

Andy grew up experimenting with PDAs (the Psion Revo is a nostalgic favourite), and desperately trying to squeeze more performance from various ageing PCs. Years of attending trade shows and press events has given him superhuman powers of 'hot air' detection - a power he puts to use on a daily basis. When he isn't writing he can be found, weather permitting, on the cricket field. When not permitting, try the bar.

Luke Johnson News Editor

Luke Johnson

Luke kicked off his career back in 2010 as a fresh-faced journalism graduate writing news, reviews and the odd feature for gadget magazine and website T3.

A little more than two years later he joined TR slightly less fresh in the face but as eager as ever, with a wealth of industry knowledge having written about even the deepest, murkiest corners of the tech world.

A true country bumpkin at heart, Luke shook off the clutches of Shropshire (an area where the internet is still considered witchcraft) to move to the big city where the latest smartphones and a raft of health and wellbeing tech continue to grab his attention.

When not tapping away at a keyboard (or on a touchscreen display) Luke enjoys watching and playing sport of any variety.

Michael Sawh Reviews Editor

Michael Sawh

Swapping lad mags for laptops, Michael has spent the past five years marshalling the online features desk at T3.com and penning a review or two for T3 Magazine, including every Samsung tablet ever released.

After spending several years in a beautiful place called Stoke to bag a Journalism degree, Michael returned home to the big smoke where the drinks prices are steeper, but the sights are certainly nicer, to find a way to make a living out of some of the skills he learnt at University.

When not grabbing a games controller, building mammoth Spotify playlists or constantly refreshing Twitter like a mad man, Michael loves running marathons, going to watch any football match and then blogging all about it afterwards.

Sam Loveridge News Writer

Sam Loveridge

Since finishing her English BA, Samantha has spent a year working as a freelance journalist in Singapore and pulling pints in an old English pub, before settling down to a Journalism MA that she finished last year.

One of the newest member of the Trusted Reviews team, she is enjoying getting her teeth into some hard tech news.

An avid gamer since her hands felt the cool embrace of the Gameboy Pocket back in 1996, Samantha can often be found glued to a controller yelling at the TV screen.

When she isn’t busy saving the world (again), Samantha loves a good book, loud gig or classic pub for a taste of the local tipple.

Andrew Williams Contributor

Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams started off his career working among the bright lights and glamour of the mobile games development industry. After spending a few years trying to convince the world that there was more to mobile gaming than Snake, and before Angry Birds and Flight Control did the job for him, he moved to journalism full-time.

Since 2007, he's written for more websites and magazines than his fingers can count, on subjects as varied as the latest tech advancements, mobile phones, gaming gadgets and movies. Knee-deep in gadgets as he is, he can still occasionally muster wallet-worrying levels of excitement for the latest consumer tech.

When not prodding expensive plastic and metal doodads, Andrew loves drumming, photography and odd films.

John Archer Contributor

John Archer started out working for Hansard, but quickly decided home entertainment was much more fun than politics. He duly embarked on a writing career that would give him as much excuse as possible for playing computer games and watching films.

This kicked off with a stint on Amiga Action magazine which led to him becoming deputy editor for an AV magazine before going freelance.

In the twelve years since, John has made a living watching and reviewing more TVs, projectors and Blu-ray players than most people knew even existed.

His spare time is spent watching more films, playing more games, playing squash and being a husband and a father - though not necessarily in that order.

Stuart Andrews Contributor

Stuart Andrews began playing games in the era of the ZX Spectrum and Pac-Man, and has been a technology journalist for over 16 years. For the last decade he has been a games critic for the Sunday Times.

Simon Williams Contributor

Simon Williams trained as an engineer, but has been a technology journalist for 25 years and has written for and launched magazines for a number of newsstand and online publishers. He has been freelance since 1990 and now concentrates on hardware and software reviews.

It's a bit too nerdy to claim a passion for printers, but he still gets unhealthily excited by new innovations and design tweaks. He waits with anticipation the first inkjet page printer, which has been 'just over the horizon' for the last five years.

When not squeezing text and photos out of all-in-ones, he writes poetry and sings folk. And yes, he does wear both sandles and socks in Spring and Autumn, when the climate's intemperate.

Audley Jarvis Contributor

Audley has spent the past fourteen years in consumer journalism, contributing to a number of technology and gaming titles including What Digital Camera, taking over the editorship of the magazine's bi-annual supplement, What Digital SLR?

Schooled in the use of a darkroom at sixth-form college, Audley's first camera was a Pentax P30 35mm film camera. These days, he prefers to shoot digitally with the aid of dedicated image-editing software.

With a keen interest in wedding photography, Audley also enjoys capturing landscapes and seascapes in his native North Cornwall. When not out taking pictures or trying to clear the backlog of unprocessed RAW files on his hard drive, Audley can usually be found on his PS3, at the gym, or learning a new recipe with a glass of wine in hand.

Gordon Kelly Contributor

Gordon Kelly has loved computers for as long as he can remember. Aged just seven a delighted Gordon was given a Toshiba MSX for Christmas before moving on to an Amiga and a 486 PC, although it wasn't until university that his knowledge really started to take off. There to study his other passion, literature, a conversation with an IT student changed his life.

Now into his second decade as a tech journalist, Gordon is a prominent voice in the UK technology sector. With more contacts than your average motherboard, he has worked across both business and consumer titles and been featured in the Press Gazette for his investigations into industry fraud.

He began as a journalist with respected industry title Computer Reseller News (CRN) during which time he rose through the ranks to become Senior Reporter. His investigations into the industry saw him featured in the Press Gazette (the industry paper for journalists nationwide) and ranked amongst the top three most influential IT journalists in the country.

Gordon loves dogs even though they make him sneeze, lived in Brazil and plays guitar.

James Morris Contributor

James Morris writes for TrustedReviews and also shoots, edits and produces site videos. He has been writing about technology for over fifteen years, was editor of PC Pro magazine, and has contributed to UK and international publications on a wide range of technological issues.

A career polymath, aside from journalism and video production, James also has a PhD in the philosophy of communications, and lectures in film and TV theory with a focus on Internet video distribution. He justifies his incurable case of gadget lust with a strong belief in the empowering capabilities of digital technology, in particular how it can enhance our social relationships.

Ryan Forde Video Editor

Since finishing his Media Production BA(hons), Ryan spent a few months making cups of tea in the post production studios of Soho before finally landing a role as an Edit Assistant. Leaving the murky depths of a West London machine room behind, he joined the Trusted Reviews team in 2012 creating video content for the site.

Outside the tech world he has also shot videos with some of the biggest bands in the world, as well as writing and directing short films. When he hasn't got a camera in his hands you'll probably find Ryan out on his Bike or in the pool training for his next Triathlon.

Niall Magennis Contributor

Armed with a degree in journalism from Cardiff University, Niall Magennis began his career in the business press, before moving into consumer journalism working as features editor on Personal Computer World magazine.

Since going freelance in 2001, he has written for a broad variety of titles including T3, Total Film, PC Pro, PC Advisor and Computeractive. He has worked for newspapers including the Mail on Sunday and City AM and appeared on TV and radio to talk about the latest technology.

In what little free time he has, he delights his neighbours with his amazing guitar playing prowess and ponders why so many people seem to enjoy watching grown men chasing a ball around a field, when instead they could be watching the infinitely superior sport of grown men driving F1 cars around in circles.