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About the TrustedReviews team

Evan Kypreos Editor

Evan finds all tech interesting and exciting, but is obsessed with how virtual reality is going to change the world. He started with a ZX Spectrum, migrated to an Atari ST before being lured by the dark and dangerous world of PCs (there's an iMac in there somewhere too). He’s still builds his own PCs and still loves his old-school mouse and keyboard gaming, although he also has his fair share of consoles.

Andy Vandervell Deputy & Homes Editor

Andy started his journalism career at Trusted Reviews in 2007. He defected in 2010 to join consumer champions Which?, but was lured back in 2013. Andy specialises in a huge of range of tech products, including phones, tablets, laptops, monitors and plenty else besides. He's also in charge of the new Home Appliance section

Max Parker Features Editor

Max joined TrustedReviews in 2015 from T3.com. He's an expert in all things Apple, though he's also the kind of guy that carries two phones around just for fun.

Alastair Stevenson Reviews Editor

Alastair started his professional career as a computer games QA tester and artist before making the move to journalism in 2010. Having worked at both B2B and consumer publications his interests range from sound systems, games and smartphones to GPUs and home servers.

Sam Loveridge Games Editor

Samantha is the Games Editor on TrustedReviews. An avid gamer since her hands felt the cool embrace of a GameBoy Pocket, she’s now obsessed with virtual reality and is a recovering Candy Crush addict.

Edward Chester Computing Editor

Edward Chester is a tech industry veteran who started his career at TrustedReviews. He was previously Editor of Bit-Tech.net, before rejoining TrustedReviews to revitalise its coverage of the PC industry.

Sean Keach Acting News Editor

Sean is Acting News Editor at TrustedReviews. He joined TrustedReviews from T3 in 2014 and was, until recently, a big fan of his Sony Xperia Z3. He also reviews phones and always welcomes a news tip if you have one.

Joe Roberts Staff Writer

After stints working for Sky and ITV as intern, Joe Roberts joined TrustedReviews and we wouldn't let him leave.

Chris Smith US Reporter

Chris is a British freelance journalist and author based just outside of Miami, Florida. He moved to the United States in 2010 and has since worked as a freelance contributor for a number of the UK’s most respected tech publications and has authored several books. Chris joined the Trusted Reviews team as a US correspondent in August 2014.

Daniel Batkin-Smith Video Producer

Dan produces video across the Time Inc brands, but mostly just likes the tech. When he's not playing 8-bit video games Dan can be found trying to get his hands on lenses to test with the unnecessary number of cameras he's collected.

Harry Jenkinson Video Producer

Harry is the Trusted Reviews video producer. After getting a degree in Film Production and spending a year freelance working in fashion film as an editor Harry joined the Trusted Reviews team. If he isn’t deep in an edit Harry will be nerding out over the latest camera gear.

Amar Dusanjh Video Producer

Amar is another of our video wizards and also a lover of all things tech, especially if it has a lens on it.

Andrew Williams Contributor

Andrew is a former staffer and regular contributor. He's an experts in many fields, but he's the main man behind TrustedReviews' huge collection of headphone reviews.

John Archer Contributor

John Archer is our resident TV expert and one of the most renowned TV reviewers in the UK. He's been a regular contributor to TrustedReviews for getting on 10 years.

Stuart Andrews Contributor

Stuart has been writing about technology since 1995, working across magazines and websites ranging from PC Pro and Personal Computer World to Which? Computing, ComputerActive and ITPro. For the last 16 years he’s written about games, first for AOL, then The Sunday Times and TrustedReviews. He’s still passionate about games, music, educational technology and wood-fired pizza. 

Simon Williams Contributor

Simon Williams trained as an engineer, but has been a technology journalist for 25 years and has written for and launched magazines for a number of newsstand and online publishers. He has been freelance since 1990 and now concentrates on hardware and software reviews. He's the printer expert on TrustedReviews and there are few better qualified for the job in the UK.

Richard Stevenson Contributor

Richard is a veteran of the hi-fi and home appliance industries. He reviews all the large domestic appliances for TrustedReviews.

Jon Mundy Contributor

Jon is a tech journalist who counts smartphones, tablets, and video games as particular areas of expertise. Having said that, if it's got buttons and makes some kind of electronic noise, he's probably interested. He regularly contributes a range of news items and features to TrustedReviews.

Caramel Quin Contributor

Caramel Quin's expertise is put to good use reviewing small home appliances on TrustedReviews, including ice cream machines, barbecues and anything that makes tasty treats.

Rachel Ogden Contributor

Rachel is a lifestyle and home journalist with a keen eye for beautiful home furnishings – she reviews coffee machines and anything that belongs in the kitchen.

Nick Cowen Contributor

Currently Managing Editor of HTXT Africa, Nick has covered the tech and games industries for around a decade, writing for a variety of publications including The Guardian, T3, Stuff and The Daily Telegraph.

Steve Boxer Contributor

Steve Boxer is a veteran freelance journalist specialising in videogames, technology, music and lifestyle. He writes regularly for The Guardian, Empire, TechRadar, Generation.Buzz  and Pocket-lint, and has contributed in the past to publications including The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Mirror, Esquire, sleazenation, DJ Magazine, Edge and FHM.

Keith Andrew Contributor

Keith has spent the last nine years covering mobile games and the industry that surrounds it, having served as Editor of PocketGamer.biz and freelanced for the likes of GamesTM, Develop, GamesIndustry.biz and more in the process. He writes mobile game reviews for TrustedReviews.

Damien McFerran Contributor

Damien has been writing about video games and gadgets for over a decade, and despite the relentless advance of technology would still pick a Sega Mega Drive over a PlayStation 4 any day of the week. The fool.

Steve Boxer Contributor

Steve Boxer is a veteran freelance journalist specialising in videogames, technology, music and lifestyle. He writes regularly for The Guardian, Empire, TechRadar, Generation.Buzz and Pocket-lint, and has contributed in the past to publications including The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Mirror, Esquire, sleazenation, DJ Magazine, Edge and FHM.

Guy Cocker Contributor

Guy is a video games and technology expert who writes predominantly about gaming audio for TrustedReviews. He's written about gaming for BBC News, Wired and The Telegraph, speaks regularly about them on Sky News, CNN and BBC 5 live, and is a BAFTA games awards judge. He's also contributed to the BBC's upcoming drama about the making of the Grand Theft Auto series. Prior to that, he edited GameSpot UK.

Joe Svetlik Contributor

Joe Svetlik has been writing about tech and gadgets for over 10 years. His work has appeared in publications including GQ, Men's Health, T3, The Mirror, Stuff, ShortList and of course TrustedReviews. His interests include wearables – current favourite being the Garmin Swim – start-ups, and in-car tech.