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By Simon Williams



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Despite its easy-maintenance design, the Samsung laser engine is not that good at its main function, printing colour pages at a reasonable speed. Xerox rates the Phaser at 16ppm for black pages and 4ppm for colour, from which you can work out that it makes multiple passes to build up colour pages.

In fact, we saw our five-page text print complete in 36 seconds and the colour text and graphics in 1 minute 26 seconds, giving real-world speeds of 8.3ppm and 3.5ppm, respectively. While the colour speed is at least close to the manufacturer's claim, neither is impressive.

The prints the machine produces vary a lot in quality. While black text is densely black, it's overprinted and gives the impression of fuzziness along the edges of its letters. Introduce colour and again you get bright, vivid colours, but little of the definition you should expect in colour graphics. Black text over coloured backgrounds looks smudged. Our test colour copy offered blotchy colours, in places quite different from the originals.

Against this, the colour photo test was less banded than some, with good detail in darker areas of shadow, but the reduced colour gamut still gives a slightly ‘30s postcard' effect. The full A4 page we printed from a photo on a USB memory drive reproduced surprisingly well, though, so quality may depend on the image being printed.

The consumables in the Xerox machine are the four toner drums, the imaging unit and the waste toner bottle. The black toner has a claimed capacity of 2,000, 5 per cent cover pages and each of the colour toners offer half this, but the printer is supplied with cartridges offering just 1,000 and 700 pages, respectively, which seems mean.

Working out the maths gives a cost per page of 3.1p for a 5-per cent black page and 12.4p for a 20 per cent colour one. Both these figures are quite high for a colour laser device in this price bracket and both are noticeably higher than their Samsung counterparts. We haven't tried it, but we wonder if you could use Samsung consumables in the machine to reduce your running costs.


The Phaser 6110MFP/X offers an ADF, fax facilities and better bundled software, on top of the features of Samsung's CLX-2160N, which must be seen as a major rival. It costs £50 or so more than the CLX to take account of these, but unfortunately it suffers from that machine's shortcomings, too. The 150-sheet paper feed tray is too low a capacity, colour print is slow and print quality, particular of colour copies, is mediocre.


December 31, 2008, 9:09 pm

I bought a Phaser 6110MFP and I was initially impressed. It looked solid and worked well, though it was very sensitive to unusual paper types - it wouldn't print envelopes, for example.

After a month, it developed vertical banding across the print area, where the print was very light and hard to read. Since then I have been trying to speak to Xerox technical support, totally without success. The website that claims to offer 24/7 technical support simply provided me with an 0870 number to ring and refused further help. Ringing that number I just got endless messages saying that all the customer representatives were engaged, but 24/7 support was available on their website...

My strong recommendation is never to buy a Xerox product if you think it might ever need technical support or a warranty claim. I would not give it any stars...

John 35

June 22, 2009, 1:51 pm

Our company has perhaps 6 of the 6110's (without the MFP functionality). ALL of them have had their imaging unit fail within weeks of purchase. Additionally, the toner cartridges run out really quickly. The cost of an imaging unit is much more than that of the printer. This is a ludicrously expensive printer to run. There is nothing I can find to recommend it.

Free At Last

December 21, 2013, 6:37 pm

This is the only thing I have ever bought for my home office that I never tried to sell. It was so problematic and useless that I literally threw it in the dumpster behind my house as soon as I could afford another printer (a used Okidata 3530). So many things went wrong with it that I don't even know where to start describing it. My imaging unit didn't fail, but the waste toner tank warning went off constantly, the printer used toner like it was dying of thirst for it, and it seemed to have been programmed with a sixth sense that allowed it to annoy me with problems like these just as I was about to run a large or important job. Never, ever, ever buy this printer. Xerox should be held face down in a stagnant swamp for releasing this piece. There are so many other printers out there that it just isn't worth experimenting with this one.

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