Toyota iQ2 5MT - Conclusion

By Riyad Emeran



Despite the fact that the iQ is pretty much the antithesis of everything I look for when I'm buying a car, I can't help but love it. Toyota has made something bordering magical with the iQ and I sincerely hope that it does a roaring trade. Yes the cynics will bleat about how the Smart car was the pioneer, but it was strictly a two seater, and was in no way as pleasant to be in as the iQ.

And when it comes to technology, Toyota really has squeezed a ludicrous amount into the iQ, including one of the best factory fitted navigation systems I've come across. OK, so the slightly disappointing hands free and lack of voice control take some of the shine off, but you've still got keyless entry and go, auto lights, wipers and dimming mirrors, USB streaming, iPod connectivity, A2DP Bluetooth streaming, electrically folding mirrors etc. The list of gadgets and gizmos puts far more expensive cars to shame.

The whole design of the iQ is so cohesive, so well put together, so, just right, that I found myself smiling each time I got behind the wheel. My daughter absolutely loved the iQ, but she very pragmatically informed me that "the baby car had to go home to its mummy" when my Liquid Yellow Clio appeared back on the drive. She wasn't happy about it, but she clearly understood the iQ's motive for leaving.

Ultimately, if you're looking for something affordable, with great fuel economy and nonexistent road tax, the iQ should be on your list. But if you're looking for something that ticks all those boxes, while still offering you a plethora of toys and features to play with, the iQ is the list.

Lon Bailey

June 19, 2009, 7:50 pm

If it only comes in red!


June 19, 2009, 8:25 pm

Is the £960 sat nav price IN ADDITION TO the touch-screen entertainment system, or is it an all-in-one price? And how much are they leather option and the digital climate control option? Thanks.


June 19, 2009, 8:26 pm

If only it came to Canada!

I could use one of these for short commutes to the grocery store on a rainy or snowy day.


June 19, 2009, 8:47 pm

@WyWyWyWy - Yep the sat-nav price gives you the whole bundle, but you’ll have to pay extra if you want the iPod kit and the DAB radio.

The climate control is standard on the iQ2, which is £1,000 more expensive than the basic iQ. The iQ2 also gets the keyless entry/start, auto headlights, auto wipers, auto dimming mirror, electric folding mirrors, LED brake light and a few other little bits and pieces. Also, I don’t think that the sat-nav option is even available on the basic iQ.

Leather seats add an extra £690 to the cost, but I think I’d stick with the fabric ones, so I don’t slide off.

@Lon Bailey - It does come in red.


June 19, 2009, 8:51 pm

This is an ideal car to have a "vinyl wrap" job done to it to make it even more funky - have it in any colour you like then!

Tony Walker

June 19, 2009, 9:20 pm

I hope the LED brake lights aren't anywhere near as bright as the dwarf stars that Toyota has installed in the Prius. I swear I came home with a suntan after following an idiot who was riding his brakes.

The iQ has two big problems, one current and one coming. The current one is the FIAT 500 (which I own in diesel form). A wonderfully capable car. The future is another FIAT provisionally called the Topolino. This will be similar in size to the iQ and will utilize all FIAT's know-how in doing amazing things with small cars.

For North American readers, FIAT are moving forward with plans to sell the 500 (and probably Topolino) over there.


June 20, 2009, 3:36 am

am i the only one who considers this car to be pig ugly from the exterior?

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