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When a camcorder offers HD shooting at this kind of price, it's hard to be too critical. The Toshiba also gets extra brownie points for including an HDMI cable. But the video performance is not significantly better than the standard def alternatives, and editing the results is much more of a pain. So, whilst the Toshiba Camileo H10 is still good value, videomakers on a tight budget would still be better off forgoing the HD nametag for something a little more practical.

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December 21, 2008, 2:59 pm

I've been waiting for someone to review this camcorder for a couple of months now. Is there any chance of some sample footage being posted with the review?

Simon 15

August 20, 2009, 3:41 pm

Comparing this 720p to other 1080p? That is a bid unfair... or are you comparing it to the 720p mode of the 1080p cameras? This would be a much better comparison.

4mbit/s is a bit low, but I wouldn't say its that bad. If you consider the "internet 720p" movies, most are in the 4.xx mbit/s range, with a few below that mark too, and they aren't that bad (if bad at all).

This camera can be had for £100 now with delivery, but it isn't included in the price list.

Apparently I heard this will only take up to 8gb SDHC... is this true? Wouldn't it had been worth mentioning in a "trusted" review? Also no details on battery life? Aren't these major points?

I think whoever did the filming in the video review needs to learn how to hold a camera better, shaky is a fault of the person holding it, not the camera.

x264 is a *GOOD* format, blame the software editing packages for not being able to handle a good open format. The fact that it uses AVI+x264/mpeg4 is a very good thing, instead of some cruddy mov or dv style avi, or even worse... proprietary, ack.

Now it seems its worth looking at the H20, full HD.

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