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  1. TomTom VIA 52

    TomTom VIA 52

    Premium satnav features on a budget

  2. TomTom GO 51

    TomTom GO 51

    The TomTom GO 51 provides lifetime subscriptions to world maps, speed cameras, and traffic via smartphone.

  3. TomTom Curfer

    TomTom Curfer

    The TomTom Curfer gives you an insight into your driving style, using a wealth of your car's on-board diagnostic information.

  4. TomTom GO 50

    TomTom GO 50

    Lifetime traffic and Euro map updates in an affordable 5-inch package

  5. TomTom Start 50

    TomTom Start 50

    The Start 50 brings TomTom's latest redesign to its budget range

  6. TomTom GO 40

    TomTom GO 40

    The TomTom GO 40 is a traffic beater at a highly affordable price

  7. TomTom Runner
  8. TomTom Navigation Europe for Android

    TomTom Navigation Europe for Android

    TomTom Navigation finally makes it to Android smartphones

  9. TomTom Hands-free Car Kit for iPhone

    TomTom Hands-free Car Kit for iPhone

    TomTom's Hands Free Car Kit brings quality Bluetooth telephony to your vehicle.

  10. TomTom Start 60

    TomTom Start 60

    TomTom's Start 60 goes one inch better than the 5in displays available elsewhere.

  11. TomTom Via 135

    TomTom Via 135

    TomTom's Via 135 launches the company's surprisingly effective Speak & Go voice control system.

  12. TomTom Speed Cameras

    TomTom Speed Cameras

    This app does precisely what its name suggests - warns of upcoming speed cameras.

  13. TomTom Start 20

    TomTom Start 20

    TomTom brings some of its premium features to its budget Start range.

  14. TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition 2 Sat-Nav

    TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition 2 Sat-Nav

    The second incarnation of TomTom's widescreen XL offers a simpler interface.

  15. TomTom Start2 Sat-Nav

    TomTom Start2 Sat-Nav

    TomTom's entry-level model gets its second incarnation just four months after its original manifestation. So what's new?