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TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition 2 Sat-Nav - IQ Routes and Other Features

By James Morris



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The XL2 uses TomTom's IQ Routes to calculate which roads to use. So it calculates journey duration based on real historic average traffic speeds for a given time of day or day of week. It may even suggest different routes entirely, avoiding choices where roads are regularly jammed.

The secondary row of icons includes a few prosaic necessities such as turning sound on and off and toggling night mode. Like the Start and Start2, the XL2 doesn't switch to night mode automatically, neither based on time of day nor ambient light conditions, so you have to do it yourself. Apart from providing access to the XL2's Options, the most significant of these secondary icons is Help. This provides a host of functions that might be useful if you find yourself in a spot of bother.

The first screen simply tells you where you are, including the full map coordinates - something the cast of Lost could really have done with. From here, you can gain rapid access to a subset of the most useful Points of Interest during an emergency, including garages, hospitals, doctors, police stations, chemists and dentists. So if you have toothache so bad you can hardly drive, you're in luck. Alternatively, you can simply call up phone numbers for these POIs, plus nearby public transport, vets, and the AA.

Overall, TomTom's simplified interface will be easier to get to grips with if you're new to personal navigation devices. Its paring down of options makes the necessities more readily available, and we have criticised TomTom's menus in the past for giving you too much to choose from.

When you've found your destination, however, the XL2 behaves like most other TomTom devices, with the familiar functional 3D-aspect navigational map. The comprehensive strip of information can be found along the bottom, as always, providing all the data you're likely to need on your trip. Aside from an icon displaying the next turning, you're told current speed and limit, time and distance to destination, ETA, and current time. There's very little else you might need.


October 31, 2010, 5:03 pm

would not recommend tomtom xl iq routes ed2,gets lost to many times and confused where and what its doing takes longest route what ever settings and not readable in sun light wife as to put it on her lap to shade it. Had navman for three years before tomtom no complaints what so ever never get lost or confused sound a little low.


June 24, 2011, 8:22 pm

tomtom XL2 seems a nice piece of equipment, i bought it to replace my tomtom1 which was four yrs old and the sound was faltering.
XL2 was easy to set up, though i was a bit dubious about the free safety camera appllication.
I down loaded the safety cams and went to work that night, i drove the A68 rout from consett to Edinburgh and the tomtom only picked up about half the speed cams, this made me nervous so i made my return journey VIA the A1 Berwick road, tomtom XL picked up most of the cams but mised a few and i was zapped buy the one at turston power station, it flashed straight in my face , thank you tomtom.
what a load of crap,

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