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The TomTom GO 530 has so many features, it will take you some time getting to grips with even a subset of them. That makes its £200-plus price seem reasonably good value. However, you can still currently get the GO 720 Traffic (including full European maps) for £30-50 less. Sure, it's missing the useful and effective IQ Routes and Lane Guidance features, but this highlights the increased price of the new models. The TomTom GO 530 Traffic is one of the most fully featured and capable sat-navs on the market. We just wish it cost the same as its predecessor.

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October 20, 2008, 12:32 pm

The IQ feature will be a godsend. Here in the ultra-congested south east the shortest/quickest route is often the most congested!

One thought though - will the IQ system calculate that narrow back roads with an average speed of 15-20mph are the preferred option to congested A roads with an average speed of 10-15mph? If so maybe we'll see more traffic being pushed on to less suitable roads. Who knows...

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