Teufel RearStation 4 - Features and Operation

By Danny Phillips



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Being such a simple device, there aren't a great deal of features to talk about. The Class D amplifier inside the receiver unit musters 2 x 30W, which isn’t hugely powerful but should be enough to make surround effects audible.

The unit comes with a small remote, which provides a convenient way of changing the volume and turning the devices on or off. The credit card sized zapper is a little bit fiddly but keeps things simple with only a few blister buttons – volume up and down, on and off, mute and three buttons for switching zones.

These buttons come into play when you are streaming audio to more than one RS4 WLR receiver. Expansion kits containing a receiver and remote cost £179, and you can add up to two extra receivers. A single transmitter can feed all of the receivers but you can still control the volume and power settings of each receiver independently as they have their own controls on the front. You can switch between zones using the dedicated A, B and C buttons on the remote.

The transmitter unit features an 'Auto On' mode, which activates it when it detects an audio signal. There are two sensitivity settings for this, -50dB and -60dB, as well as an off setting. Elsewhere you can adjust the impedance to match that of your speakers. The default is 4 ohm but you can change this to 6 or 8 ohm by holding down the volume button and pressing one of the 'zone' buttons on the remote.

It’s also worth noting that the system delays the sound signal by 20ms, which could adversely affect the timing of surround effects when watching movies. You’ll need to adjust the distance or delay settings within your AV receiver to correct it.


February 7, 2011, 4:29 pm

Excuse me for asking a dumb question, but in what world would this be considered a wireless solution for get sound to your rear speakers? The sending unit requires two (power and line in) and the receiving unit requires three (power, right speaker and left speaker). A conventional wire system would require only two wires (okay run around the house). My wife is always on my back about the amount of wires, so the RearStation shouldn’t not be marketed as “wireless”.


February 7, 2011, 7:45 pm

Lot of respect for Teufel products.

This one seems flawed however. If I wanted 2 speakers in the back of my room, the receiver could be near one speaker. But I would still need to run a long cable from the receiveer to the other speaker which would look messy.

There should be an option where 2 reveiver units are used - one for each speaker so that it can be placed near the speaker.


February 7, 2011, 7:56 pm

Reliance of wireless technology does not mean wireless system.

A "more" wireless system would be streaming to a WIFI connected active speaker with integrated DAC. And that would still make one power supply to feed the speaker system!


I has cost me far less, aroud £50, to trunk all cables around the room to the cupboard where my media system is centrally located.

It took me a weekend, and now there is not even a power cable in sight!

And you know what's best?

That's one device less that can go wrong!

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