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Super Talent Pico USB Flash Drive 8GB review




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Super Talent Pico USB Flash Drive 8GB
  • Super Talent Pico USB Flash Drive 8GB
  • Super Talent Pico USB Flash Drive 8GB
  • Super Talent Pico USB Flash Drive 8GB
  • Super Talent Pico USB Flash Drive 8GB


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It's a fair assumption that USB flash drives are a dull affair. Sure some, like the Corsair Voyager GT, offer rugged casings, others such as the Lexar JumpDrive Secure II Plus 4GB add a capacity meter to the exterior, but for all intents and purposes they're all still flash drives. The fundamental facts remain the same, you put data on them, you carry it with you and you take that data off elsewhere.

So while rubberised cases and built-in card readers are great, and undoubtedly have their place, what many of us want is just a simple, easy to use, portable flash drive with a decent amount of storage. Kudos, then, to Super Talent and its recently announced Pico Series of USB flash drives, which manage just that.

For a start, the 8GB Pico-C version, at which I am looking today, only costs around £22. For that trifling amount you're getting 8GB of a rugged and water-resistant storage in a truly diminutive size. Measuring just 31.3 x 12.4 x 3.4mm and weighing less than six grams the biggest worry isn't that the drive is too big, but that it's almost too small. Luckily there is a lanyard attachment which I immediately fastened to my keychain for fear of loosing the drive.

Don't think for a minute that I'm complaining about the tiny size of the drive though, far from it. Tiny enough even to fit into a wallet, or purse, the 8GB Pico-C USB Flash Drive can viably be carried around constantly, without becoming an annoyance.

Alternatively you could put that lanyard attachment on your phone to good use and use it to keep your flash drive safe, as long as you're not too worried about the potential for damaging your mobile. And importantly it's made of shiny metal so it looks cool too! Vice versa, there should be no concerns as although the exposed contacts may look venerable, unless you're truly trying to cause damage, none is likely to occur.


January 4, 2010, 6:00 pm

It is a response about a product. Not a good response, but I should write it - not to hold insult.

To me have presented USB flash-drive Pico_C 16Мб (beautiful, a metaface), and here has started:

1. Failures in operation linked to a statics and bad contact with USB port (defect appeared on different computers). After failures the data on flash-drive is lost.

It was necessary to format.

2. After approximately 3-4 months after the next failure it has died (brakes at each call to a device and lag Explorer'a on 15 сек, speed has fallen to 4мб/4мб). The letter written to a support service of the company has not given any results - THEY AT ALL DID NOT RESPOND TO my LETTERS, at their forum I have created a subject http://supertalent.com/home... and till now silence. I have read responses at the same forum of a site of manufacturer Supertalent on their other products I have understood that my gift are in vain spent money.


Beauty of a device - 9 points

Tools/support - 0 points

Reliability - 1 point

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