Space Siege Deals

By Stuart Andrews


Mikko Lahti

August 27, 2008, 1:05 pm

Space Siege*, the typo is there twice, somebody missed their morning coffee.


August 27, 2008, 1:51 pm

Thanks, fixed.


August 27, 2008, 7:45 pm

Thank you for an honest review. I played the demo a bit and thought the same thing.

I will disagree with you a bit though on one point. You said you would come to expect something better from this developer? Why is that? This developer has never put out anything with a compelling story. Total Annihilation was a great game and imo the best game this developer has put out. Chris, the owner, doesn't get story lines. Dungeon Siege was better than diablo in many aspects but to me it was boring as hell, I couldn't even finish it where I played diablo through a few times and the same for diablo II.

Every game that comes out form this company is just a rehash of the same ideas in different graphical forms. He doesn't get atmosphere or story. I think he thinks that you can just throw crap like this out and people will eat it up. He never has really got the details and real dedication it takes to put out a game that truly draws you in. Supreme Commander was a valiant effort, but once again since he doesn't get it, it was ultimately just as boring as hell to me.

Action Jeans

October 2, 2012, 11:34 am

I realize this review is old as dirt, but I just recieved this game as a gift on steam and I wanted to offer a quick correction.

In all fairness, the dodge button isn't just a forward roll as the review attests. You actually dive towards wherever the cursor is positioned relative to the player character. It's a reasonable mistake to make, as the natural tendency is to point the cursor at your enemies, which does result in a forward dive.

This dodge system can be effective as long as you take advantage of the auto-lock while diving left and right while shooting. The problem is, you lose auto-lock when you hold shift for stationary free-aim shooting, which one tends to get in the habit of doing to shoot background destructibles for loot and to avoid running into traps like mines.

Granted, it's clunky and counter-intuitive but not quite as dire as you make it sound here. It takes some getting used to but it can be mastered with a little practice.

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