1. Sony 75XE94
  2. Sony 65XE85
  3. Sony 65XE90
  4. Sony KD-65X93E
  5. Sony A1 A1E OLED 11
  6. Sony KD-65ZD9 1

    Sony KD-65ZD9BU

    Possibly the best picture quality of 2016

  7. Sony KD-75XD94

    Sony KD-75XD9405

    Sony's new 75-inch 4K TV is the best TV of 2016 so far.

  8. Sony KD-65XD9305

    Sony KD-65XD9305

    Sony's latest TV combines HDR and 4K to mesmerising effect

  9. Sony 65XD93
  10. sony 3
  11. Sony YouView

    Sony YouView Catch-Up TV System

    Sony finally corrects one of the drawbacks of its Android TV system

  12. Sony KD-43X8305C

    Sony Bravia KD-43X8305C

    Sony's budget 4K TV gets the job done – but not much more

  13. Sony 65X9305C

    Sony KD-65X9305C

    Spectacular colour, resolution and sound make this a stellar 4K UHD TV

  14. Sony KD-65S8505

    Sony KD-65S8505C

    Sony gets its curve on with this mostly impressive 65in 4K TV

  15. Sony 75X9105C