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Latest Sony Surround Sound System reviews.

  1. Sony HT-NT5 11

    Sony HT-NT5

    Sony's HT-NT5 soundbar has plenty of style and features, but is it any good?

  2. Sony SRS-X99

    Sony SRS-X99

    Find out why Sony’s top-end multiroom speaker demands a place on your shopping list

  3. Sony SRS-X88

    Sony SRS-X88

    A chic, versatile multiroom speaker with Google Cast and AirPlay

  4. Sony HT-XT3

    Sony HT-XT3

    Sony’s HT-XT3 is the best multiroom soundbase money can buy

  5. Sony HT-CT770

    Sony HT-CT770

    Sony’s 2.1 soundbar looks the part but falls flat on sound

  6. Sony HT-XT1

    Sony HT-XT1

    Sony’s debut soundbase is feature-packed but sonically flawed

  7. Sony HT-ST3

    Sony HT-ST3

    We test the world’s slimmest Bluetooth-equipped soundbar

  8. Sony BDV-N7100W

    Sony BDV-N7100W

    Sony’s super-stylish 5.1 Blu-ray system is the bee’s knees

  9. Sony BDV-E880

    Sony BDV-E880

    Sony’s Blu-ray system is packed with features but flawed sound quality lets the side down

  10. Sony BDV-EF200

    Sony BDV-EF200

    Sony’s 3D-ready Blu-ray system offers some great features at an affordable price, but does its sound quality cut the mustard?

  11. Sony BDV-E870

    Sony BDV-E870

    The BDV-E870 Blu-ray system continues the great work of its cheaper E370 sibling.

  12. Sony BDV-E370 system

    Sony BDV-E370

    Is there more to Sony's latest entry-level Blu-ray system than meets the eye?

  13. Sony BDV-E300 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

    Sony BDV-E300 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

    This home cinema setup could be the ideal way to upgrade your disc player and sound system at the same time.

  14. Sony BDP-S760 Blu-ray Player

    Sony BDP-S760 Blu-ray Player

    The BDP-S760 is by far the most impressive Sony Blu-ray player we've encountered to date.

  15. Sony DAV-DZ280 DVD Home Cinema System

    Sony DAV-DZ280 DVD Home Cinema System

    At under £200, the Sony DAV-DZ280 could really appeal to those with an iPod and big DVD collection.