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Find reviews of the latest Sony laptops.

  1. Sony Vaio Fit 11a Flip
  2. Sony VAIO Duo 13 Hybrid

    Sony VAIO Duo 13 Hybrid

    Expensive yes, but it comes with the best battery life we've ever seen

  3. Sony Vaio Pro 13

    Sony Vaio Pro 13

    It's the lightest 13-inch ultrabook in the world, but is it the best?

  4. Sony Vaio Duo 13
  5. Sony VAIO T13 5

    Sony VAIO T13

    The VAIO T13 is Sony’s first Ultrabook and manages to impress for its sub-£600 price.

  6. Sony VAIO Duo 11
  7. Sony VAIO E 14 4
  8. Sony VAIO S 15 Closed
  9. Sony VAIO S 13 1
  10. Sony Tablet P 5

    Sony Tablet P

    Sony has created a radical dual screen, clamshell Android tablet. Can it possibly work?

  11. Sony VAIO Z (2011)

    Sony VAIO Z (2011)

    With its carbon fibre build, premium hardware options and optional dock offering dedicated graphics and Blu-ray playback, Sony's 13.1in VAIO Z is the lightest, most powerful and most versatile ultraportable available.

  12. Sony VAIO S (2011)

    Sony VAIO S (2011)

    A sleek and stylish ultraportable that offers excellent build quality and connectivity, a good screen, backlit keyboard and optional Blu-ray drive.

  13. Sony VAIO C Series

    Sony VAIO C Series

    Neon colour choices like orange, pink and green, light refracting lid patterns and removable rubber keyboard covers are but some of the quirky touches that make this 14in laptop stand out.

  14. Sony VAIO F12 MOE/B

    Sony VAIO F12 MOE/B

    This high-end 16.4in entertainment laptop brings a Full HD screen, Blu-ray drive and mobile Core i7 CPU to the table.

  15. Sony VAIO P Series (VPC-P11S1E)

    Sony VAIO P Series (VPC-P11S1E)

    Sony's 8-inch mini-netbook packs an Intel Atom processor, 2GB RAM and a 64GB SSD.