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  1. Sony A7R

    Sony A7R

    The world's smallest full-frame camera is also one of the best

  2. Sony RX10

    Sony RX10

    Sony extends its impressive RX-series camera range

  3. Sony A7

    Sony A7

    Sony's groundbreaking full-frame CSC is very good but it's not without faults

  4. Sony A3000 13

    Sony A3000

    A DSLR-style camera for just £350 sounds like a great idea, is it?

  5. Sony NEX-5R 1

    Sony NEX-5R

    The Sony NEX-5R is a very good CSC if you can forgive the fiddly touchscreen controls

  6. Sony Cyber-shot HX50

    Sony Cyber-shot HX50

    A 30x zoom compact that fits in your pocket. Surely not?

  7. Sony QX10
  8. Sony NEX-5T
  9. Sony QX100
  10. Sony RX100 II 9

    Sony RX100 II

    The best compact just got better

  11. Sony A58 9
  12. Sony NEX-6

    Sony NEX-6

    Despite an excellent electronic viewfinder and built-in Wi-Fi the NEX-6 fails to wow.

  13. Sony HX200V

    Sony Cyber-shot HX200V

    Sony's latest superzoom impresses in many ways, but lacks Raw capture.

  14. Sony Cyber-shot RX1 hands-on
  15. Sony Alpha A99 hands-on