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  1. Sony A3000 13

    Sony A3000

    A DSLR-style camera for just £350 sounds like a great idea, is it?

  2. Sony NEX-5R 1

    Sony NEX-5R

    The Sony NEX-5R is a very good CSC if you can forgive the fiddly touchscreen controls

  3. Sony Cyber-shot HX50

    Sony Cyber-shot HX50

    A 30x zoom compact that fits in your pocket. Surely not?

  4. Sony QX10
  5. Sony NEX-5T
  6. Sony QX100
  7. Sony RX100 II 9

    Sony RX100 II

    The best compact just got better

  8. Sony A58 9
  9. Sony NEX-6

    Sony NEX-6

    Despite an excellent electronic viewfinder and built-in Wi-Fi the NEX-6 fails to wow.

  10. Sony HX200V

    Sony Cyber-shot HX200V

    Sony's latest superzoom impresses in many ways, but lacks Raw capture.

  11. Sony Cyber-shot RX1 hands-on
  12. Sony Alpha A99 hands-on
  13. Sony Cyber-shot RX100

    Sony Cyber-shot RX100

    Is this the best advanced compact on the market?

  14. Sony NEX F3
  15. Sony Alpha A77

    Sony Alpha A77

    With its 12fps burst speed and 24.3MP sensor the Sony A77 packs quite a punch.