1. HX90V

    Sony HX90V

    Price as reviewed £340.00
    24 May 2015

    A smart, small, superzoom compact

    Best price
  2. Sony Alpha A5000

    Sony Alpha A5000

    Price as reviewed £400.00
    14 Mar 2014
    Our rating:

    A small, light, cheap CSC that's a small upgrade from the NEX-3N

  3. Sony A3000 13

    Sony A3000

    Price as reviewed £349.00
    6 Oct 2013
    Our rating:

    A DSLR-style camera for just £350 sounds like a great idea, is it?

  4. Sony NEX-5R 1

    Sony NEX-5R

    Price as reviewed £350.00
    30 Sep 2013
    Our rating:

    The Sony NEX-5R is a very good CSC if you can forgive the fiddly touchscreen controls

  5. Sony Cyber-shot HX50

    Sony Cyber-shot HX50

    Price as reviewed £320.00
    13 Sep 2013
    Our rating:

    A 30x zoom compact that fits in your pocket. Surely not?

  6. Sony QX100

    Sony QX100

    Price as reviewed £399.99
    4 Sep 2013

    Hands-on: Turn your mobile into a high-end camera with the QX100

  7. Sony HX200V

    Sony Cyber-shot HX200V

    Price as reviewed £430.00
    24 Oct 2012
    Our rating:

    Sony's latest superzoom impresses in many ways, but lacks Raw capture.

  8. Sony NEX F3

    Sony NEX-F3

    Price as reviewed £400.00
    17 Jul 2012

    First Look Video: We take a quick look at the key features of Sony's new entry level NEX camera.

  9. Sony Cyber-shot HX20V

    Sony Cyber-shot HX20V

    Price as reviewed £360.00
    21 May 2012
    Our rating:

    If you're looking for a feature-rich travel compact then this 20x model from Sony is well worth a closer look.

  10. Sony Cyber-shot WX100

    Sony Cyber-shot WX100

    Price as reviewed £280.00
    1 Mar 2012

    Hands On: Sony's latest ultra compact is the slimmest and lightest in the world with a 10x optical zoom.

  11. Sony NEX-C3

    Sony NEX-C3

    Price as reviewed £430.00
    8 Nov 2011
    Our rating:

    The Sony NEX-C3 delivers DSLR-level image quality but in a much smaller package. While the 18-55mm kit lens can leave it looking a little front heavy, this remains a fantastic all-round performer.

  12. Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V Black Digital Camera (16.2 Megapixel - 4.28 mm-68.48 mm - 3" LCD - 16x Optical Zoom - Optical IS - 4608 x 3456 Image - 1920 x 1080 Video - MPEG-4 - HDMI)

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V

    Price as reviewed £299.99
    4 Nov 2011
    Our rating:

    How does Sony's latest 16.2MP entry to the travel compact market shape up against the competition?

  13. Sony TX10

    Sony TX10

    Price as reviewed £279.99
    23 Feb 2015
    Our rating:

    Is this toughened 14.2-megapixel Sony compact worth the premium price tag?

  14. Sony Alpha NEX-3

    Sony Alpha NEX-3

    Price as reviewed £359.99
    19 May 2014
    Our rating:

    Offering DSLR quality in compact form, Sony's first hybrid camera also introduces HD video shooting and 3D panoramas to the Alpha range. How does it fair against existing rivals?

  15. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5 front angle

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5

    Price as reviewed £179.95
    8 Jul 2014
    Our rating:

    Sony's latest advanced compact has sweep panorama, GPS and 1080p HD video