Sony VAIO VGN-TX3XP - Ultra-Portable Notebook - Sony VAIO VGN-TX3XP

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Sony VAIO VGN-TX3XP - Ultra-Portable Notebook


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Below the Spacebar is a wide aspect ratio touchpad with a pleasantly tactile feel to it, while two selector buttons on the front edge complement it. As touchpads go this is a superb example, especially since accurate pointer manipulation is paramount when you have such a small screen running a high native resolution.

Sony hasn’t changed very much under the hood since the TX2XP. There’s still a single 1.2GHz ultra-low voltage Intel Core Solo CPU backed up with 1GB of RAM. To be honest I’d really like to see a TX series notebook with a dual core CPU in it, but I know that Sony is trying to keep the processor power draw to a minimum in order to maximize battery life. That said, Sony could have whacked a 1GB SODIMM into the TX3XP to max out its memory at 1.5GB, especially since the integrated Intel graphics chipset eats up some of the system memory.

There’s an 80GB hard disk squeezed into the casing, along with a super-slim dual layer DVD writer. Wireless networking is also well taken care of with an Intel 802.11a,b and g Wi-Fi adapter as well as a Bluetooth 2.0 module – between the two of them you’ll be able to get online via a wireless hotspot, or using your mobile phone at a push. Personally I think that the perfect partner for this notebook is an HSDPA data card like the T-Mobile Web ‘n’ Walk card – that way you’ve got a super thin and light notebook with lightning fast Internet access; ideal for when you want to work in the park while the sun is shining.

Despite the small dimensions Sony has squeezed quite a few features into the chassis of the TX3XP. The right side is dominated by the ultra-slim DVD writer, but there’s also a D-Sub port for hooking up to an external monitor.

At the front you’ll find headphone and microphone sockets, volume +/-, a mute button and a hardware switch for the integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Also at the front is a memory card reader that will accept MemoryStick, SD and MMC formats.


January 8, 2011, 6:24 am

I have owned a Vaio TX for a few years now and ownership has been great.........

Until is started crashing when I moved it around, particularly when picked up by the front left hand edge. This got so bad I effectively couldn't use it. I was just about to put it in the bin when a well know high street retailer with it own "tech" dept offered to fix it on a no win no fee basis. They gave it back to me saying the mother board was cracked and they couldn't get the part. After a drop of wine a thought I would open her up with nothing to lose. Fortunately for me it proved nothing nore than a lose wire and it became apparent the "tech" dept hadn't even opened it. It appears no one will touch these things to repair because, as I found out for myself, EVERYTHING inside is microscopic!

The one desturbing thing about the whole event was that despite Sony claiming a Carbon fibre construction, frankly necessary for something so "lightweight" there wasn't a scrap of it inside mine. The flex crash problem reoccurs and the screen flexs down on the keyboard leaving marks. It's just under-engineered.

Saying that, battery life is excellent and if you are travelling alot, as I was when I bought it, it really is up there in portability. Its is also very smart looking.

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