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Sony RDP-X80iP - Performance and Verdict

By Hugo Jobling



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Particularly noteworthy is the remote control supplied with the X80iP. It's pretty small and unimposing, with the usual array of volume, power, track, play mode, and equalizer toggles present. What's special is that where other remotes that purport to offer iPod control utterly fail to work with an iPod touch or iPhone, this one does.

Whether from a docked iPod or any device hooked up via the rear-placed aux jack, there's nothing particularly special about the X80iP's output. There's okay clarity, and a reasonable bass presence but the mid range, in particular, can sound a little incoherent at times. Fiddling with equalizer doesn't help, but simply distorts the sound unpleasantly.

As the price would lead you to expect, the audio produced by the X80iP is hardly in Philips DS9000 or Zeppelin territory. Actually better comparison comes from the significantly cheaper (though battery-less) Klipsch iGroove SXT and Altec Lansing inMotion Max. The latter and the X80iP certainly look eerily similar.

If you're after a portable system, the iGroove SXT is obviously ruled out, but otherwise it's inarguably the better choice. Especially considering how much cheaper it is. The inMotion Max is certainly no competitor to the X80iP, which sounds better in every respect - even if that's not the hardest accolade to achieve.


The X80iP iPod and iPhone dock has a number of flourishes to recommend it, such as the iPhone-controlling remote, the funky retractable dock and the large rechargeable battery. However, if you're more interested in audio quality these features will likely prove superfluous and even if not, this is a very expensive dock.

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  • Value 5
  • Sound Quality 7


July 31, 2010, 3:17 pm

You're right, there are too many ipod docks. I want a HTC phone speaker dock with an induction charger base and wireless music streaming to the dock via perhaps bluetooth (looks nice and clean without wires like the ipod docks). There's a market for it I'm sure. Make it so!


July 31, 2010, 8:36 pm

So, I'm a bit confused by all this. There are too many iPod docks, right, but every one that is reviewed is given poor ratings apart from those that nobody can really afford.

So which is the best cheaper alternative that isn't a B&W Zeppelin?


July 31, 2010, 10:07 pm

Sony seem to have sold out there own MP3 players in favour of the Ipod. Sure you can plug it in via 3.5mm jack line in cable but F*** that.


August 2, 2010, 3:14 pm

@Disgrace: So which is the best cheaper alternative that isn't a B&W Zeppelin?

Maybe a BOSE Sounddock, I know TR didn't give this a good score either, but the main concern seemed to be price, it was also knocked for it's remote, but that appears to be just as restrictive as the Zep. And you can get these for about the same price as the Sony. You could maybe try both this Sony & Bose at there respective showroom stores.


August 2, 2010, 5:59 pm

@Keith: Bose? Tsk. I've been looking around myself the last couple of days, not pulled the trigger on anything yet, but Logitech seem to be leading the race.


Bit cheaper as well.

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