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By Cliff Smith



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I found it to be reliably accurate to within a distance of a few metres for the vast majority of shots, although for a one or two shots it was less accurate, being about 30 metres from the actual location. It worked well in the open and in relatively built-up areas, and even under light cover such as a conservatory roof, but not surprisingly it would not pick up a signal inside substantial buildings. I compared it with the performance of a GPS-equipped mobile phone and found that if the phone would get a satellite signal, then so would the Location Recorder.

If you are already using Sony Picture Motion Browser, installing the GPS Image Tracker software adds a compass icon to any photos for which the location is logged, and a new button to the program's tool bar, which integrates with Google Maps technology to show you the locations of your photos on a zoomable, pannable map display. If you highlight several photos at once you can follow your route on the map based on the photos you took, making the GPS Location Recorder ideal for recording travel holidays or cruises, or even just a day-trip to the zoo. The position of the map pin positions is accurate to within a few meters, and the map can be zoomed in to show a lot of detail, and also overlaid with satellite imagery of the area, so you can see exactly where you've been.


The Sony GPS Location Recorder is the ideal accessory for anyone who's into travel photography. With a minimum of setting-up and extremely simple operation it can accurately and reliably pinpoint the location of your photographs, and display them on a map or satellite image. For the price it offers a great way to take advantage of the latest satellite technology, and adds a new dimension to your holiday snaps.

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Ian Porter

March 14, 2009, 1:57 am

I think this models number is Sony GPS-CS1 or GPS-CS1KA in case you were trying to find it. Not sure if there is any difference between the two?

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