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By Sandra Vogel



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Sony Ericsson has made a neat job of the front controls. A round navigation button sits under the screen and offers music playback controls as well as the usual directional movement. To its left and right are two buttons which provide Call and End and access to the softmenus. They are small, but nicely shaped and raised from their surroundings making them easy to hit accurately.

Beneath these are the - again small - Clear key and Toolbar key. The latter when pressed takes you to Sony Ericsson's familiar tabbed screen. Three of the tabs offer alerts, access to running apps and user identified shortcuts. There is a fourth tab, which in this case drops you into a range of Vodafone Live! services. I've said it before, but this system is an exceptionally user-friendly way of getting around a complex mobile easily. Set up your shortcuts how you like them and you can breeze around.

Almost unnoticed above the screen are two more keys. Unmarked, they flank the speaker and video call camera and are designated for use in gaming. The idea is that you can hold the phone sideways on and use both hands for gaming control.

When you aren't gaming one of the keys takes you to photos stored on the phone, the other to a picture slideshow application complete with fade-in and musical accompaniment. You select themes according to your mood: sad, romantic, happy, energy - or silent.

Now I am not going to say much against the screen. Its 240 x 320 pixels and 262 thousand colours don't break any new ground, nor does its 2.4 diagonal inches. It is clear and bright, sure, but no more than I expect from a top-notch Sony Ericsson handset these days.

Gimmick alert! - Shake control.

You normally move through music on your mobile by using a button of some kind, and you do have that option here via the navigation pad. But you can also shake this mobile to wiffle through tracks.

There is a small Walkman key on the top edge of the phone. Hold this down and then shake the phone a little. The phone magically moves through tracks. Shake right to go forward, left to go back, and shake it all about to shuffle a playlist. Why the phone has to vibrate to tell you this action has been recognised is beyond me. You hear the track change almost immediately.

This works when the handset keys are locked which could be useful, but the small Walkman button is a fiddle to press and impossible to get to at all when the slider is opened. Also, trust me when I say that I've watched people shake their phone in public and they look, well, stupid...

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Lynn Jones

April 28, 2009, 9:32 pm

This was the 3rd Sony Ericsson phone id had and it had to be the worst one ever. Battery life on standby approx 96hrs, forever charging the phone. The phone switches itself off, either on standby, during a call or when composing a text.

The speaker phone is awful, the sound quality is so poor it is not worth switching the loud speaker on. Photos are of a poor quality. I have had 3 handset replacements and I still had the same issues. Will be glad to receive my new phone tommorow, which is not a sony ericsson.

Best thing to do with the W910i??? Put it under the front wheel of a car and run it over.

If you want a reliable phone ....DONT BUY A W910i


May 15, 2009, 4:29 am

This is the worst phone I have ever had. After purchase it repeatedly froze, switched itself off or reset itself at random.

I sent it off for repair under warranty and while it does it less often it still has the same issues.

While I like the phone's design and features I need a handset I can trust, I don't expect to have to keep checking if it's still on or not.

I will never purchase another Sony Ericsson phone again, disgraceful


June 6, 2009, 3:14 am

Agreeing with above comments. Athough I am only 13 years old, I must say from my years of owning a mobile, this is the worst one by far. Not only does it turn itself off, it also randomly calls people, doesn't charge and holds various other problems. I have owned different phones over the years, but my highest success was my Samsung, and my worst this one. My dad sent it back to Orange, who replaced it with an identical phone, same phone, same problems. Again he sent it back, and yet again it has happened. I am currently on my forth phone, and deeply annoyed. I would only recommend this phone to anyone with anger issues who needs to ruin something close to hand (:


September 16, 2009, 2:15 am

Well, I have no idea if I am using the same phone as the previous reviewers use. I have never had any concern about my phone which I purchased in Hong Kong in February 2008. Are those comment objective and constructive, I truly wonder. My phone never switch itself off, sometime I wish it would so I don't have to rememeber to turn it off at night. This phone is no longer new and not many people are buying it but if you are don't believe the above three comments.

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