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By Sandra Vogel



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Sony Ericsson W705


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The main camera is a bit disappointing. It is limited to 3.2-megapixels for stills and it has no autofocus. The single LED light is bright but not up to what a Xenon flash could offer. You can use it as a torch but the setting is buried in the organiser section of the handset's menu. The camera is on the back of the handset and not under the slide where its lens would be protected.

The camera is very easy to use. A side button starts its software and snaps photos, and the menu system is easy to work through using the shortcut buttons. With a photo taken you can edit it using PhotoDJ, changing brightness, light balance, adding effects and putting text, clipart and frames onto photos, for example. The cartoon effect is especially clever and the conversion is fast.

Images, though, are average at best. The coloured dish, photographed indoors and under household lights, is a little fuzzy though colour reproduction is OK. The chair is quite well-defined and acceptable for a camera of this quality. The flowers were photographed quite close in and show up a problem with colour reproduction outdoors. In the real world they are all the same purple colour rather than ranging towards blue as the photo would have you believe.

To get your photos online, there are automatic uploaders for Picasa, MySpace and Blogger and you can add others yourself. Other software not already mentioned includes messaging and mobile email, calendar, tasks manager, notes, timer, stopwatch, calculator, five alarms, Google Maps, sound recorder, the Walk Mate pedometer, AccuWeather for weather forecasting and Sony Ericsson's VideoDJ and MusicDJ.

Battery life is rated by Sony Ericsson as 10 hours of talk and 400 hours on standby. Leaving Wi-Fi switched on I managed two days of use between charges.


The Sony Ericsson W705 is a comfortable, well-built and easy to use phone, though it does suffer from that awful headset connector. However, by adding BBC's iPlayer and Wi-Fi to round out its features nicely, Sony has made the W705 an attractive option.

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April 11, 2009, 10:06 pm

I don't know about most TR readers, but I personally use my phone camera mostly in evening, low lit, social settings.

How about a low light test shot in future?

Jesse Hawkeswood

June 7, 2009, 7:02 am

Hi I'm Jesse Hawkeswood.

I recently brought this new Sony Ericsson W705 on Telecoms new XT Network in New Zealand.

I mobile is very good, the design is especially great.

The walkman is great but still doesn't replace my iPod touch.

The camera is fairly good but would be better if was under the slide so it would not get scratched and so

on. The mobile internet is very good the only major problem I have had so far is the "7" on the keypad lights up white while every other is yellow or so colour like that.

Otherwise a good mobile.


March 23, 2010, 10:41 am

I bought a brand new W705 everything is great except its sound. All musics and songs do not came out from this phone seems to have deteriorated quality sound. Anybody facing this problem? Please advice me. Thank you.

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