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Sony Ericsson W610i - Sony Ericsson W610i

By Sandra Vogel



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I rather like the Activity Menu. It appears on a lot of Sony Ericsson mobiles. Call it up and you get a series of tabbed screens. Between them these allow you toM see ‘events’ such as missed calls or messages, view a list of applications currently running and switch to them, manage a series of shortcuts to applications and settings and access your Web bookmarks. Master the use of this and it can become a very handy tool.

As a Walkman phone, the usual Sony Ericsson headset connector is on the left edge of the phone. It is shared by the mains power adaptor and the provided USB PC cable. The adaptor is as chunky as ever.

The main power adaptor lacks the through-port of the W880i, so you can’t charge the phone and listen through headphones at the same time. On the other hand, the headset is two-piece, with a 3.5mm jack just past the microphone, so you could use your own earphones instead of Sony Ericsson’s in-ear buds. You can also use your own earphones with the built in FM radio as the antenna for that is in the section of the headset that connects to the handset.

The Walkman software is just as good as it is on other current range Sony Ericsson Walkman mobiles in terms of ease of use, and sound quality is perfectly acceptable too. I found there to be plenty of volume. I’m not convinced that the stereo widening effect does a great deal, but the equaliser has a noticeable impact.

There is 73MB of memory on the phone itself and a 512MB Memory Stick Micro card ships with it. Its slot is on the left edge of the handset. You can’t get to the slot when anything is plugged into that headset /mains/PC cable socket as the connector obscures its cover, which is just poor design. Sony Ericsson’s Disk2Phone software is provided. This can reduce the bit rate of tunes on the fly allowing you to cram more onto phone memory or memory card.

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October 7, 2008, 9:46 am

I love this phone. :)

I picked one up from Argos for 㿼 end of line, and unlocked it for 㾶.

Graham Ditte

July 7, 2011, 1:25 am

I have my W610i as my backup phone...I always carry it with me inside two phone cases to keep it as good as new, the battery life is outstanding and the LED light torch and strong signal reception are excellent for emergencies. Also of course the Walkman player/radio too!

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