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Sony Ericsson W302 - Sony Ericsson W302

By Sandra Vogel



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Sadly the W302 lacks the excellent Sony Ericsson Activity Menu that I like to praise every time I see it. The Shorctuts key instead simply opens up a set of six options - TrackID, Bluetooth, Alarms, Profiles, Tasks and Record Sound.

You can't personalise these but you can personalise the D-pad's up, down, left and right functions which out of the box have calendar, contacts, messaging and escape functions. Left and right D-pad presses act as back and forwards buttons in music playback too.

Side keys run to a volume/camera zoom rocker and camera button on the right edge and a Walkman button on the left, the latter starting the phone's music software regardless of whatever else you happen to have been doing at the time.

So far this all sounds like pretty standard Sony Ericsson stuff. But as I said at the outset, you shouldn't expect huge levels of ability from this handset.

Network capabilities are a bit limited with quad-band GSM setting the limit. There's no fast 3G here. Nor does the phone offer a lot by way of native memory. There is just 20MB built-in and a Memory Stick Micro slot under the battery cover with a 512MB card popped into it.

There's no shake control - I see its absence as a blessing, actually, as there's no inducement to look like a numpty in public while randomly flicking the phone around to switch tracks and change volume.

I have to mention the loathed standard Sony Ericsson headset connector which as usual sticks out like a sore thumb from the left side of the casing.

Still, if we are looking for pluses from this ‘W' branded handset the headset is two-piece so you could use your own headphones in favour of the in-ear ones supplied by Sony Ericsson and there is an FM radio on board. The player supports album art and you can skin it which adds a little something positive to proceedings.

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December 19, 2008, 12:32 pm

it just looks like any other sony ericsson phone....

nothing special


December 19, 2008, 9:24 pm

Last January I got a w200i to get the Walkman functionality and a lighter handset. It wasn't long before 240x320 screens were everywhere, and my cheap 176x220 screen with rubbish colours seemed like something you'd get in a christmas cracker.

There are still people who want a cheap, slim music phone this Christmas, but I think the competition have since caught up with SE, and buyers are better off elsewhere!

Hamish Campbell

December 20, 2008, 2:02 am

I agree, once you have a better screen it's torture to go back. I've seen this one and otherwise its pretty cool, basic but stylish....3G and a decent screen and I'd be interested as I'm too cheap for the w890


December 20, 2008, 8:45 am

Sony Ericsson have lost their way... confused range with overlapping features and unattractive design. Which is a pity, because I have been using them since the T610 :(

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