Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro - Screen and Camera

By Edward Chester



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In use the Vivaz Pro's screen is good if unexceptional. Thanks to a fairly high resolution (360 x 640) for its size, it has above average sharpness and it produces strong yet natural looking colours. Also, despite being an LCD panel, viewing angles are also very good. As such it's generally nice to use with the only major caveat being the amount of scrolling around required because of its small size. Its only other downside is the unimpressive contrast level, and the quality of its blacks. Consequently, videos and pictures don't really leap out of the screen and look a bit muted.

Muted certainly isn't the word we'd use to describe the pictures this phone takes, though. Admittedly we took these photos on a particularly bright and hot day so the sky was bluer than we're used to, but it certainly wasn't as blue as in these pictures. Neither was it quite so mottled and grainy. Ultimately, despite the Vivaz Pro's focus on its camera, it is in fact entirely average – fine for Facebook, but poor for printing.

Likewise, its HD video recording abilities are now far from unique, with both the Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung Wave sharing the same basic hardware. In fact, thanks to the iPhone 4's on-board editing abilities, the Vivaz Pro has now fallen behind. That said, there are still few handsets that can record in 720p and it is still markedly better footage than you'll find on non-HD phones.

One oddity with the camera is that, unlike the majority of handsets, the Vivaz Pro doesn't use a single shutter button and a software based switch for flipping between video and stills modes. Instead it has two hardware buttons. These sound fine in theory, but in practice it constantly catches you out as you go to start recording some video and press the camera button instead and end up switching modes. At least it has a button for the camera, though, unlike the iPhone 4.

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July 27, 2010, 1:39 pm

Quick question, does anybody know if we can upgrade the OS to Symbian 3?

Also will SPB mobile shell work on it? As that was a bloody lifesaver on my boring 5800 (Thanks TR for reviewing it!).


July 27, 2010, 4:04 pm

"The Sony Ericsson Vivaz was the first smartphone to feature 720p video recording". Really? What about the Samsung i8910?


July 27, 2010, 4:49 pm


Yes, the i8910 or Omnia HD was the first phone to feature HD recording, sadly at 24fps!


July 28, 2010, 2:45 am

Will it be my next phone? No, because it's a Sony, therefore it won't be very good.

Vishal Ramawat

January 18, 2011, 6:16 pm


1. Very Bad Audio Output Volume- Both speaker and headphones.

2. No stylus comes in box.

3. No ear-plugs provided, generic handsfree has no quality.

4. No equalizer or soud effects in player.

5. If internet download is interrupted, it keeps on showing reminder message no matter what.

6. Screen light flickers unnecessarily.

7. No End Task or App Kill functionality.

8. Takes prolonged time to shutdown/start.

9. Extra sensitive accelerometer.

10. No option to set accelerometer accessibility.

11. Keyboard doesnt work on home screen, to dial number.

12. No option to turn off irritating Float Menu, popping up everytime you unlock, which cover up ur wallpaper!!

13. Soft Keys are hard, dont know when they get pressed.

14. No End Call button in GUI.

15. Alarm sound extremely low, evn though sound is loud when played directly.

16. Vibrator is just for namesake. Hardly felt when in pocket.

17. Ringtone cant be heard when cell's in pocket, unlike Walkman series.

18. Headphone jack is placed badly on side, instead of top, ruins your headphone jack.

19. Screen Lock is via power button.. odd.. two separate buttons for vdo cam n pic cam. Could have put lock key instead.

20. Mic is very badly placed, on left, which gets covered while holding the phone!!

I think thats enough... Will update soon for more... Ciao!!! :D

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