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By Sandra Vogel



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Sony Ericsson K800i


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There is only 64MB of built in memory, which doesn’t seem a great deal for a handset designed with snapping in mind, and certainly won’t cater for much music. Expansion is achieved via Sony Memory Stick Micro cards. These are as tiny as microSD and as fiddly to use. The slot is on the left edge of the casing and it is protected by a cover.

The K800i has a generally strong range of non-camera related features on offer. There is calendar and contact software that will share information with your PC using the provided PC Suite software and cable. There is music playback (of course – this is a Sony Ericsson handset), and its quality is good enough for listening to while travelling.

The range of additional software is so strong that there isn’t room to do much more than just list the highlights. As well as being able to make your own ringtones you can play three games, one of which, a Tennis game, shows off the handset’s 3D rendering nicely. Web browsing on the 240 x 320 pixel, 262,000 colour, 2in display is made easier by the fact that you can flip between portrait and landscape screen modes.

An RSS reader works independently of the browser and is an absolute treat for getting information really quickly. An FM radio augments the music playback. There are image and video editors, and the usual other stuff like alarms, notes management, sound recorder, and stopwatch.

During testing I ran an MP3 looping test and got eleven and a quarter hours of music. On standby the handset lasted at least week between charges. I’d probably want to charge it every other day in the real world, but it should happily survive a long weekend away from mains power.

The only disappointments are that the phone uses Sony’s proprietary flash memory formats and its own, proprietary headphone connector preventing use of regular 3.5mm headsets.


Sony Ericsson seems to have thought quite carefully about what people want from a cameraphone and done its best to oblige both in terms of hardware controls and software extras. It is the imaging extras as much as the raw megapixels that should justify the purchase of this handset. Even without those this is a neat, tidy and very impressive 3G handset.

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Paul Tasker

July 19, 2008, 5:40 am

When do you use the camera on your phone? Chances are its in situations where its too awkward to lug around a camera or you've forgotten it. Many of these will be nights out or pictures taken indoors. It therefore makes sense to include a proper xenon flash.

This flash means the K800i beats most of the competition for camera quality producing clear results in dark conditions. You'll need to use a red eye tool but images are perfectly acceptable.

In addition to camera the phone has great Mp3/WMA player, is good for calls/texting, and supports 3G, internet browser, bluetooth and pretty much everything you'd really want on a phone, that is until you've used an iphone.

The K800i is available at very cheap prices at the moment and is therefore something of a bargain. Its slightly bulky but in every other way its competitive and a joy to own.

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