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By Sandra Vogel



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Sony Ericsson K800i


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When I rested the K800i in landscape mode to frame shots my left thumb invariably rested on a key on the opposite edge that provides a pause and stop function for music playback. Sony Ericsson has recessed that key so there is no danger of accidentally hitting it while using the camera, a neat design touch. However, there is a danger of the shutter opening in your pocket, activating the camera and running the battery down, so watch out for that.

Camera extras include an auto focus that lets you get quite close to a subject and still produce a crisp shot, and BestPic, which shoots no less than nine images when you depress the shutter button. You flick through them to chose what you want to keep. Shutter lag is minimal and even when doing some pretty speedy panning I got no blurring in my test shots.

Then there is the picture blogging. You take a picture, then from the camera’s More menu you choose ‘Blog this’. The picture is resized, and you give it a name and a description then send it to your photo blog.

The first time you do this the blog is automatically created and you are sent a text with login details. Share this with others and they can access your creations. Now I have to say my review handset had some trouble creating the blog, but it had been with other reviewers before I got it and maybe it didn’t like the idea of starting over.

The 16x digital zoom is best steered clear of, but the xenon flash seemed to deliver better quality indoor images than I am used to seeing from a phone and if you have a PictBridge capable printer you can print direct from the handset. Panorama shooting and frames are among the various extras available to liven up your images.

The hardware controls are very well thought through. Both softkey buttons and the joystick help you access features and settings quickly, and two further small buttons above the screen give access to more. One of these calls up thumbnail images regardless of what else you are doing with the handset at the time. If you have ever fumbled on a handset for a particular shot to show to a friend you will know how valuable this is.

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Paul Tasker

July 19, 2008, 5:40 am

When do you use the camera on your phone? Chances are its in situations where its too awkward to lug around a camera or you've forgotten it. Many of these will be nights out or pictures taken indoors. It therefore makes sense to include a proper xenon flash.

This flash means the K800i beats most of the competition for camera quality producing clear results in dark conditions. You'll need to use a red eye tool but images are perfectly acceptable.

In addition to camera the phone has great Mp3/WMA player, is good for calls/texting, and supports 3G, internet browser, bluetooth and pretty much everything you'd really want on a phone, that is until you've used an iphone.

The K800i is available at very cheap prices at the moment and is therefore something of a bargain. Its slightly bulky but in every other way its competitive and a joy to own.

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