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Sony Cyber-shot WX5 - Test shots: ISO performance

A selection of images taken at the camera's incremental light sensitivity settings, using only available daylight.



Shooting with the WX5 set to Auto ISO, it has chosen a setting equivalent to ISO320 to competently do the job and deliver a result free of noise.


The WX5's first manually selectable setting is ISO125 equivalent.


Same framing at ISO200 and a barely discernible difference for noise/grain.


We're at ISO400, usually the setting at which noise begins to creep in on if we're unlucky. Here grain is hidden by a slight softening of detail.


Matters start to go downhill at ISO800 with both softened detail and noise creeping in to shadow areas on close inspection.


A distinctly gritty look across the entirety of the image at ISO1600, even when viewed full frame. But, conversely, this has the effect of slightly sharpening up the image's soft edges.


The same is true of the top ISO3200 setting. More grain has resulted in a sharper edged look overall. But we'd prefer to stick below ISO400 for a completely clean bill of health, so not the most impressive low light showing ever from the WX5.


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