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Last week Cliff looked at the Canon Ixus 850 IS and today I’m putting Sony’s similarly specced Cyber-shot DSC-T10 through its paces. Both cameras are light, pocket friendly and beautifully made, so how does Sony’s new baby compare with arch-rival Canon’s?

First off I have to say that the T10 is an absolutely beautiful piece of kit. Just holding the T10 in your hand feels good – like the Canon Ixus, the T10 is constructed from metal and has a very solid feel to it, as well as being pleasantly cool to the touch. The metal construction extends to the tripod mount, which is always good to see – it’s all too easy to cross thread a plastic tripod mount and completely destroy it. There’s a sliding lens cover on the front (also constructed from metal) – sliding this down reveals the Carl Zeiss f3.5–f4.3 lens and switches on the camera. The lens has a 3x optical zoom, which equates to 38 – 114mm in 35mm language, which is pretty average for a slim and light camera like this.

The T10 is pretty light at 162g, but still slightly heavier than the Canon Ixus 850 IS. That said, the Sony is definitely slimmer with dimensions of 89.7 x 54.9 x 20.6mm compared with 89.5 x 58 x 25.1mm for the Ixus. In fact it’s the shallow depth of the T10 that makes it particularly attractive and allows it to slip pretty unobtrusively into your pocket.

The rear of the camera is dominated by the 2.5in 230,000 pixel LCD. This is a great display with no perceptible lag no matter how quickly you pan around. The quality of the screen also makes reviewing captured images a pleasure rather than a chore. Sony has obviously realised that the screen on the T10 lends itself to image viewing and has included a slideshow option, complete with musical soundtrack and cheesy transitions.

Above the screen is a hard switch for selecting playback, photo and movie modes. At first I quite liked this approach, but then I realised that you couldn’t quickly switch back to shooting mode from playback mode by tapping the shutter button. However, you can review an image from within the photo mode too (although only the last one you took), and then you are able to flick back to shooting mode by tapping the shutter release. In the top right corner you’ll find the zoom controls and below this is an area for resting your thumb while holding the camera. Further down you’ll find a familiar four-way button configuration with a select button at the centre.


April 5, 2014, 7:43 am

Ok - ancient camera compared to the current technology out there --- BUT---- what I don't see is a set of actual pictures of anything- I don't see action shots repeated under various settings of intent. I don't see low light or bright daylight results. I don't see a range of full auto scenes that compare to a high end DSLR or any camera for that matter. I have been through many reviews of this camera and none of them point out the ability of the video mode to auto-adjust modulation for loud scenes to the extent of making a concert sound like a studio released live recording.
The elements referred to and tested are merely lightly explained in text. ITS A CAMERA.... OT HAS VIDEO AND AUDIO ABILITY..... If you are going to review a camera then post the results in a repeatable and controlled set of scenes including video and soft and concert loud audio.
I was looking for reviews as I had this camera and it was excellent in audio modulation at an Aerosmith concert plus I blew stills up of joe perry and Steven Tyler because even in the low end video the colors and brightness and light management even in a concert were AMAZING. The entire video of the show handled all transitions in the most challenging shots a camera could have. The full auto and scene captured deep colors and clarity with saturation yet sharpness. This camera was the best I have ever had. I went to the next gen cybershot and the later model can't perform as well as the T10! The review fails to deliver any controlled results or comparisons - bit don't feel singled out because I haven't seen any that do!!!
The standards for "reviews" are weak and nearly useless. It is almost a disservice to consumers if not beyond that.

Edit- I saw the test shots after reading the review to its end- why not incorporate them as you talk about it? Lol. Still- where is the video sampling? I was amazed at the modulation ability.


February 18, 2015, 6:42 pm

Damn that was some rant thanks and thanks again for the edit for clarity reasons only.

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