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Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player
Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player

4 Pictures - Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player

  • Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player
  • Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player
  • Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player
  • BDPS300 BD Player (BD-RE, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, CD-RW - BD Video, AVCHD, MP3, CD-DA, JPEG, LPCM Playback - Progressive Scan - Blue, Black)


October 20, 2008, 2:05 pm

I have had this Blu-ray player for nearly twelve months, the picture quality is great. The firmware updates have been a pain, if you own an Apple computer you'll need someone to download them off a PC, it just doesn't happen with an Apple.

The start up time is really bad, it is one of the worst players for getting going, put the kettle on or open a couple of something!

One of the issues I have had with this player is the firmware updates, even though I've registered the product with Sony, I've received no emails to tell me that an update is available, this is pretty poor and needs to be addressed by Sony.

I have also a problem with playing standard DVDs, from time to time the player will just freeze, the picture will pause and no matter what you do, you won't budge the thing, and I mean that you won't be able to turn it off on the front, I have to pull the power cord out of the back. This is a big problem, it has happened to me while watching Blu-ray discs which I have paused while cracking open more refreshment from the fridge, they just wouldn't move. I have contacted Sony but they refused to accept this as a problem or replace the deck.

Apart from the picture quality, I just wouldn't bother with this player, buy something like a Panasonic.

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