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The SlingMedia SlingCatcher will only ever have limited appeal but for those that really need such a device it does just about everything you could hope for and what few minor complaints we have shouldn't be enough to put you off buying one. However, the limited video quality of the SlingBox experience combined with the fact most of us have laptops that we can use to watch our SlingBox content make it a less compelling proposition for the majority.

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Noggin The Nog

April 21, 2009, 6:27 pm

A nice product I brought one a month or so back and it works a treat.

A few of things people may need to be aware of with Slingmedia :-

1) The support for devices connetcted to the Slingbox are very US centric as Sling is owned by Dish Networks.

2) Any call made to Sling support after 90 days will cost 㿊, this also has included issues caused by firmware updates.

3) Sling just announced the mobile client for the iPhone, this won't work on older models, some of which are still being sold in the UK.

4) FAT 32 support only for the USB Drive and SMB for network file shares only.

5) No HD Slingbox ( Pro-HD ) for sale in the UK and the Freeview tuner in the Pro is pants.

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